Phanerotoma (Phanerotoma) leucobasis Kriechbaumer, 1894

Edmardash, Yusuf Abd-Elaziz, Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud Saleh & Gadallah, Neveen Samy, 2011, The subfamily Cheloninae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from Egypt, with the description of two new species, ZooKeys 115, pp. 85-102: 94

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Phanerotoma (Phanerotoma) leucobasis Kriechbaumer, 1894


Phanerotoma (Phanerotoma) leucobasis Kriechbaumer, 1894 

Phanerotoma leucobasis  Kriechbaumer 1894: 62.


5♀♀, 1♂ Kerdasa (30°1'56.136"N; 31°6'32.6874"E), II.1965 [MAC]; 3♀♀, El Mansouria (30°8'14.1"N; 31°3'46.656"E), IX.1995 [MAC]; 4♀♀, 1 ♂ Safaga (26°44'25.764"N; 33°58'54.5514"E), VII.2007 [CUC]; 2♀♀, 1 ♂ Giza (29°37'18.048"N; 31°15'14.508"E), 13.II.2008 [CUC]; 1♀, Ismailia (30°38'20.7954"N; 32°16'7.572"E), 28.III.2008 [CUC]; 1♀, 1♂ Alexandria (31°5'1.3914"N; 29°45'53.316"E), 4.X.2008 [CUC]; 2♀♀, 1♂ Assuit (31°32'55.248"N; 27°23'33.2514"E), 12.I.2009 [CUC].


The colour of the head varies from yellowish brown to nearly black; the terminal flagellomeres are usually blackish, but in few cases paler; the third metasomal tergite is usually brownish, but blackish in a few specimens, and the second tergite sometimes has brownish spots laterally.


In Egypt previously recorded from Alexandria, Dokki, Gara, Maadi, Sinai ( van Achterberg 1990), Africa (Central, North and Southeast), Israel, USA [California, introduced ( Shenefelt 1973)] and West Asia