Barbitistes kaltenbachi Harz, 1965

Skejo, Josip, Rebrina, Fran, Szövényi, Gergely, Puskás, Gellért & Tvrtković, Nikola, 2018, The first annotated checklist of Croatian crickets and grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Ensifera, Caelifera), Zootaxa 4533 (1), pp. 1-95: 21

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Barbitistes kaltenbachi Harz, 1965


13. Barbitistes kaltenbachi Harz, 1965  = Kaltenbachov ljuskokrili konjic ( Fig. 3EView FIGURE 3)

First faunistic record for Croatia: Harz 1965

Distribution in Croatia: Stenoendemic, known from central Adriatic islands (Hvar, Vis). Historical records from Lukovo and Rijeka ( Harz 1969) are questionable. Exact position of Lukovo locality is uncertain, since there are several settlements with that name along the Croatian coast. Presence in Rijeka unconfirmed. Presence on Hvar Isl. confirmed (Heller pers. comm.), recently recorded on Vis Isl. (R. Felix, Hum 20.VII.2011).

Distribution in Europe: Endemic to Croatia (Chobanov et al. 2016).

IUCN Red List status: Near Threatened (Europe and EU28) ( Hochkirch et al. 2016).