Pholidoptera aptera (Fabricius, 1793)

Skejo, Josip, Rebrina, Fran, Szövényi, Gergely, Puskás, Gellért & Tvrtković, Nikola, 2018, The first annotated checklist of Croatian crickets and grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Ensifera, Caelifera), Zootaxa 4533 (1), pp. 1-95: 31

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Pholidoptera aptera (Fabricius, 1793)


53. Pholidoptera aptera (Fabricius, 1793)  = gorski kožokrili konjic

First faunistic record for Croatia: Krauss 1879

Distribution in Croatia: Mountains of Pannonian Croatia and along the Dinaric Alps (absent from mountains with stronger Mediterranean influence, e.g. Dinara Mt.).

Distribution in Europe: Submontane to alpine regions from Northern Greece, Central Italy and Sardinia in the south to Southern Poland and Northern Czech Republic in the north, and from Southeastern France in the west to Romania in the east. Found also in the lowlands of Southern Bulgaria ( Hochkirch et al. 2016).

Taxonomic note: There are numerous described subspecies, with either ill–defined diagnostic characters or descriptions of which were based on small series of specimens, resulting in possible taxonomic irrelevance of the characters used. Validity and presence in Croatia should be investigated for the following subspecies: P. a. aptera (Fabricius, 1793)  (described from the Alps), P. a. gjorgjevici Karaman, 1960 (described from the Republic of Macedonia), and P. a. karnyi Ebner, 1908 (described from Bosnia & Herzegovina).