Pholidoptera griseoaptera (De Geer, 1773)

Skejo, Josip, Rebrina, Fran, Szövényi, Gergely, Puskás, Gellért & Tvrtković, Nikola, 2018, The first annotated checklist of Croatian crickets and grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Ensifera, Caelifera), Zootaxa 4533 (1), pp. 1-95: 32

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Pholidoptera griseoaptera (De Geer, 1773)


58. Pholidoptera griseoaptera (De Geer, 1773)  = riđi kožokrili konjic

First faunistic record for Croatia: Graber 1870

Also reported as: Thamnotrizon cinereus Zetterstedt ( Graber 1870)  [correct author of Gryllus cinereus  is Gmelin, 1790]

Distribution in Croatia: Very common in the inland part (Dinaric Alps and Pannonian region), as well as in Istria and Kvarner. Not recorded in Dalmatia, Dubrovnik area and the Adriatic islands.

Distribution in Europe: Widely distributed in the most of the continent, from southern Finland in the north and Ireland in the west to Southern Italy and Northern Greece in the south, reaching Eastern European Russia in the east ( Hochkirch et al. 2016).