Lanayrella, Salvador & Cunha, 2020

Salvador, Rodrigo B. & Cunha, Carlo, 2020, Lanayrella, a new Acteonidae genus (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia) from Tierra del Fuego, Journal of Natural History 54 (15 - 16), pp. 1009-1018 : 1010-1011

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2020.1777338

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gen. nov.

Lanayrella View in CoL gen. nov.

Type species

Tornatella vagabunda Mabille, 1885 .

Included species

Lanayrella ringei ( Strebel, 1905) View in CoL , Lanayrella vagabunda ( Mabille, 1885) View in CoL .


Named after the Lanayru Sea from the game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ (Nintendo Co., Ltd.), following the precedent set by Salvador and Cunha (2016) when naming a new acteonid genus after a fictional city. Gender: feminine.


Protoconch fully immersed within the shell. Columellar region of aperture platform-like, with a sharp adapical fold.


Shell acteonoid, thick, elongated; last whorl with slightly rounded profile; imperforate; D/ H ca. 0.5. Spire with slightly rounded whorls and faintly step-like profile; suture distinctly marked. Protoconch indistinct, nucleus fully immersed ( Figures 1 View Figure 1 (g) and 2(h)). Teleoconch with ca. 4.5 whorls, entirely sculptured by narrow punctuated spiral grooves; grooves are more numerous in later whorls and more closely packed together towards umbilicus ( Figures 1 View Figure 1 (c) and 2(c)). Grooves composed of small rounded-rectangular punctae, partially fused to the next one within each groove; punctae remain individually distinct or more completely fuse with their neighbours ( Figures 1 View Figure 1 (f) and 2(g)). Aperture anteriorly rounded, slightly narrowed posteriorly; parietal region with thin well-delimited callus; columellar region broad, slightly expanded, with a sharp edge, bearing a thickened adapical fold; outer lip sharp, thickened externally.

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