Ropalidia mathematica (Smith, 1860)

Tan, Jiang-Li, Van Achterberg, Kees & Chen, Xue-Xin, 2014, Pictorial key to species of the genus Ropalidia Guerin-Meneville, 1831 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) from China, with description of one new species, ZooKeys 391, pp. 1-35: 20

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Ropalidia mathematica (Smith, 1860)


Ropalidia mathematica (Smith, 1860)  Figure 1I

Polybia mathematica  Smith, 1860: 90. Type locality: Sulawesi (Makassar).

Ropalidia mathematica mathematica  ; van der Vecht, 1941: 110.

Ropalidia mathematica binotata  van der Vecht, 1941: 131. Syn. by Kojima et al. (2005).

Icaria nigroplagiata  Cameron, 1900: 498.

Ropalidia mathematica nigroplagiata  ; van der Vecht, 1941: 104. Syn. by Kojima et al. (2005).

Ropalidia mathematica sumbaensis  van der Vecht, 1962: 20. Syn. by Kojima et al. (2005).

Specimens examined.

INDONESIA: 1 ♀ (RMNH), W. Flores, Rana Mese, 1300 m, 21.xi.1949, Dr. Bühler & Dr. Sutter (labeled as Ropalidia mathematica mathematica  Smith, van der Vecht in 1956); 1 ♀ (RMNH), Moni, C. Flores, Wolowaru, 11.xi.1949, Dr. Bühler & Dr. Sutter; 16 ♀ + 7 ♂ (RMNH), Timor, Wiencke; 5 ♂ (RMNH), Batavia [= Jakarta], v.1908, E Jacobson; 1 ♂ (RMNH), Java, Mt. Gede, Tapos, 800 m, viii.1933, J v d Vecht; 2 ♀ (RMNH), W. Java, Pelabuan Ratu, 5-6.viii.1972, 0-50 m, J v d Vecht. SRI LANKA: 1 ♂ (RMNH), Col. Dist., Gamaha Botanic Garden, 28.i.1979, KV Krombein, PB Karunaratne, T Wijesinhe, S Siriwardane & T Gunawardane (labeled Ropalidia marginata marginata  (Lep.) by van der Vecht in 1979).


No specimens from China were available in the present study, but the species was reported from China (Hong Kong) by Barthélémy (2006, 2008). However, according to his pictures, at the base of the first metasomal tergum is a pair of distinct yellow lateral stripes as in typical Ropalidia stigma  . Therefore, the presence in China needs reconfirmation, but its presence in Vietnam and Thailand indicates that this species may occur in southern China.


?China (Hong Kong), India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangka, Sumatra, Java, Kariman Djava Isl., Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Sulawesi. ( Kojima and Carpenter 1997 and updated to 2006, Kojima et al. 2007).