Trogoderma Dejean, 1821

Háva, Jiří & Baňař, Petr, 2017, A new TrogodErma species from Central Madagascar (Coleoptera: Dermestidae: Megatominae), Zootaxa 4299 (2), pp. 279-284: 280

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Trogoderma Dejean, 1821


Genus Trogoderma Dejean, 1821 

Type species: Anthrenus elongatulus Fabricius, 1801  .

Recognition of the genus Trogoderma  . Body subparallel to narrowly ovate, moderately to strongly convex, with recumbent to erect setation. Head with conspicuous median ocellus. Antennal club consists of 3–9 antennomeres. Antennal cavity closed. Prosternum forming a collar under which external mouthparts fit when head is retracted. Protibiae without spines on dorsal (= outer) face.