Ulomoides basilewskyi (Ardoin, 1969)

Schawaller, Wolfgang & Grimm, Roland, 2014, The genus Alphitobius Stephens (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Alphitobiini) in Africa and adjacent islands, ZooKeys 415, pp. 169-190: 184-185

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Ulomoides basilewskyi (Ardoin, 1969)

comb. n.

Ulomoides basilewskyi (Ardoin, 1969)  comb. n. Figs 3, 32

Alphitobius basilewskyi  Ardoin, 1969

Type specimens examined.

Ivory Coast, Bingerville, VI.1962, leg. J. Decelle, male holotype MRAC. - Same locality and collector as holotype, but IV.1962-III.1963, 3 paratypes MRAC.

Type locality.



Ulomoides basilewskyi  (Ardoin, 1969) possesses distinctly crenulated outer margin of all tibiae (see Ardoin 1969), which is characteristic for some species of Ulomoides  Blackburn, 1888 ( Hinton 1947, under Martianus  Fairmaire, 1893), but not for Alphitobius  . In the structure of tibiae, the shape of body, eyes, and antennae Ulomoides basilewskyi  resembles Ulomoides dermestoides  (Chevrolat, 1878). The striking long apicale of the aedeagus (Fig. 32) resembles those of some Ulomoides  , but differs distinctly from those of the Alphitobius  species (Figs 18-31).


Ivory Coast.