Tropidodynerus Bluethgen , 1939

Li, Ting-jing & Chen, Bin, 2015, Two new species of the newly recorded subgenus Tropidodynerus Bluethgen (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae) from China, with a key to the known species, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 43, pp. 9-18: 10-11

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Tropidodynerus Bluethgen , 1939


Tropidodynerus Bluethgen, 1939 

Tropidodynerus  Blüthgen, 1939: 259, 260; Carpenter 1986: 87; van der Vecht and Carpenter 1990: 59; Girish Kumar et al. 2013: 163.

Type species.

Hoplomerus interruptus  ( Brullé, 1832) = Hoplomerus mandibularis  Morawitz, 1885 (= Polistes interrupta  Brullé, 1832), by original designation (confirmed by Blüthgen 1941: 306).


Without cephalic fovea in female; vertex weakly longitudinally rugose; mesosoma and tempora with very fine pubescence, anterior face of pronotum without foveae; tegula very short and its posterior lobe rounded; parategula elongated and its apex distinctly surpassing the apex of tegula; apical segments of antennae coiled in male; submarginal carina and valvula of propodeum not produced; mid tibia with one spur; forewing with second submarginal cell and not petiolate; metasoma sessile, S3-S7 with conspicuous fringe of setae in male.


Oriental and Palearctic Regions.

Key to the subgenera of Tropidodynerus