Ptilophora rufula Kobayashi, 1994

Chen, Liusheng, Huang, Guohua & Wang, Min, 2010, The genus Ptilophora (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae) in China, with description of a new species, ZooKeys 61, pp. 69-75: 71

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Ptilophora rufula Kobayashi, 1994


Ptilophora rufula Kobayashi, 1994  

Ptilophora rufula   Kobayashi 1994: 17; Wang 1996: 201; Schintlmeister 2008: 322.

Ptilophora jezoensis rufula   : Shintlmeister and Fang 2001: 22 [sunk as subspecies].


Kobayashi (1994) described Ptilophora rufula   in Taiwan. Schinltmeister and Fang (2001) listed it as a subspecies of Ptilophora jezoensis   without any explanation. Kishida and Kobayashi (2002) revalidated it as a species. It belongs to the plumigera group, based on the round valva in the male genitalia.


This species is restricted to Taiwan.