Nanhermannia elegantula Berlese

van der Hammen, L., 1959, Berlese's Primitive Oribatid Mites, Zoologische Verhandelingen 40, pp. 1-93: 80

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Nanhermannia elegantula Berlese


Nanhermannia elegantula Berlese  , 1913 (non auct.)

Nanhermannia elegantula Berlese  , 1913, p. 100, pl. 7 fig. 84; Lombardini, 1936, p. 45.

Nanhermannia areolata Strenzke  , 1953, p. 69, fig. 1.

The type-slides of the species, viz. the nos. 28/41, 42 with specimens from Tiarno (Trentino), are still present in the Collection.

They are conform to the description of N. areolata Strenzke  , so that the last-mentioned name must be placed in the synonymy of N. elegantula  . As mentioned above, the " elegantula  " of most authors is a synonym of N. nanus  .

Jacot (1937, p. 238) erroneously considers elegantula  a subspecies of N. dorsalis (Banks)  . I remark that Jacot knew the identity of the real elegantula  because in September 1936 Grandjean sent topotypes of nanus  to him, together with elegantula  from the environs of Paris. Nevertheless one of Jacot's slides 2) studied by me (no. 34 F 4.3-40, also bearing no. 142, labelled as Nanhermannia dorsalis elegantula  , locality not indicated, but certainly U.S.A.), contains specimens that are different from elegantula  in the structure of the prodorsum (see also Jacot's fig. 6). For this reason Jacot's " N. dorsalis elegantula  " cannot be regarded as a synonym of N. elegantula  .

2) Three of Jacot's slides with Nanhermannia  species were kindly presented to me by Grandjean.