Argestes Sars, 1910, Sars, 1910

George, Kai Horst, 2008, Argestes angolaensis sp. nov. (Copepoda: Harpacticoida: Argestidae) from the Angola Basin (Southeast Atlantic), and the phylogenetic characterization of the taxon Argestes Sars, including the redescription of A. mollis Sars, 1910, and A. reductus (Itô, 1983) *, Zootaxa 1866, pp. 223-262: 224-225

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Argestes Sars, 1910


Argestes Sars, 1910  

Generic diagnosis. Body long, slightly depressed, covered with small cuticular spinules. Cephalothorax less broad than following thoracic somite. Cephalothoracic integument posteriorly accompanied with rudimentary pleurotergite of fused first thoracic somite. FR of variable length, covered with spinules. Female genital double somite with suture, indicating former division. Telson more or less square, reaching at least length of preceding 2 abdominal somites. Anal operculum dentate. Body somites dorsally and laterally with long sensilla, arising from tubercles. Female A 1 7 ­segmented, male A 1 10–11 ­segmented, haplocer or subchirocer, penultimate or antepenultimate segment terminally with 1 very strong seta. A 2 with allobasis and 1 ­segmented exp, bearing 1 seta and several long spinules. Gnathobase of md broad, with several teeth. Mandibular palp biramous. Syncoxa of mxp with 2 setae, enp produced into slender seta or claw, additionally with 1 long seta. All natatory legs with 3 ­segmented rami, covered with spinules. P 5 benps fused, endopodal lobe completely reduced, being represented by 1–2 small setae. Exp distinct, elongate.

Type species. A. mollis Sars, 1910   . Additional species: A. reductus ( Itô, 1983)   , Argestes angolaensis   sp. nov.