Cretaconiopteryginae, Liu & Lu, 2017

Liu, Xingyue & Lu, Xiumei, 2017, A remarkable new genus of Cretaceous dustywings (Neuroptera: Coniopterygidae) in amber from northern Myanmar, Zoological Systematics 42 (3), pp. 380-389 : 381-382

publication ID 10.11865/zs.201716

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subfam. nov.

Subfamily Cretaconiopteryginae subfam. nov.

Type genus: Cretaconiopteryx gen. nov.

Diagnosis. Head ( Fig. 1F View Figure 1 ) longer than wide, with elongated gena; frons well-sclerotized between antennal insertions; vertex feebly domed. Maxilla ( Fig. 1F View Figure 1 ) with galea segmented. Both fore- and hindwing ( Fig. 3 View Figure 3 ) with relatively dense crossveins, some of which are arranged into a gradate series distally; costal space with several distinct subcostal veinlets on distal half; distal part of forewing RA curved posteriad and connected with anteriorly curved RP, forming a loop; RP +MA originated from R near wing base in both fore- and hind wing; three or four crossveins present between RP +MA and MP in forewing; forewing MP lacking stiff setae. Abdominal plicatures present at least on segments 3–4 ( Fig. 2B View Figure 2 ).

Remarks. The new subfamily is herein erected based on the new genus, Cretaconiopteryx gen. nov., which greatly differs from all other dustywing genera and cannot be placed into any of the three known subfamilies. Putative autapomorphies of Cretaconiopteryginae consist of the forewing RA and RP distally forming a loop, and the zig-zagged forewing CuP although these characters might also be autapomorphies just for the genus or even species (See Remarks of the new genus and Discussion). Moreover, the rather proximal origin of RP +MA in both fore- and hindwing as well as the gradate-like arrangement of crossveins are characteristic of this subfamily.


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