Zeadolopus parvantilliensis Peck and Cook, 2014

Peck, Stewart B. & Cook, Joyce, 2014, A review of the small carrion beetles and the round fungus beetles of the West Indies (Coleoptera: Leiodidae), with descriptions of two new genera and 61 new species., Insecta Mundi 2014 (397), pp. 1-76 : 34-36

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.5184089

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Zeadolopus parvantilliensis Peck and Cook

sp. nov.

Zeadolopus parvantilliensis Peck and Cook View in CoL , new species

Figure 64 View Figures 59–64

Diagnostic description. Body strongly convex. Length 1.2–2.0 mm; greatest width 0.8–1.4 mm. Reddish brown, shining, without microsculpture. Head moderately finely and densely punctate. Antennal club moderately slender. Eyes large. Pronotum minutely, sparsely punctate; sides rounded, posterior angles roundly obtuse. Elytral striae weakly impressed; strial punctures large, closely spaced. Interstriae minutely, sparsely punctate; punctures larger and more dense apically. Flight wings fully developed. Vertical face of mesosternum broad, convex, not medially carinate. Metasternum coarsely, densely punctate laterally; punctures smaller medially. Male mesofemur with posterior margin broadly expanded, less expanded in female. Posterior margin of male metafemur expanded, with toothlike process at apex; posterior margin roundly expanded at apex in female. In both sexes, meso- and metatibiae broad and spinose. Male with more dense setae on pro- and mesotarsi. Median lobe of aedeagus ( Fig. 64 View Figures 59–64 ) elongate, broad, with inwardly curved paired apices. Parameres moderately slender, weakly sinuate, extending beyond apex of median lobe; apices weakly expanded, each bearing 2 apical setae. Inverted internal sac with distinct short, straight, sclerotized structure in basal half; small, slender sclerites at middle. Spermatheca short, tubular, constricted at middle.

Type material. Holotype, male, with the following label data: “WEST INDIES: DOMINICA / Springfield Estate , 31.V–16.VI.04/ N15°20.841’ W61°22.000’, 400 m / Mt. Joy House, wet montane forest/ FIT, S. & J. Peck, 04-89” ( SBPC) GoogleMaps . Paratypes (46) have the following label data: same data as holotype (19, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; DOMINICA: Springfield Estate , 30.V–16.VI.04, N15°20.796’ W61°22.142’, mature 2 nd forest, 4FITs, 330- 360 m, S. & J. Peck, 04-86 (26, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; DOMINICA: Springfield Estate , 29V–16.VI.04, N15°20.796’ W61°22.142’, 375m, forest edge Malaise trap, S. & J. Peck, 04-86B (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps .

Additional material examined. DOMINICA: Portsmouth, Cabrits Nat. Park , N15°35.146’ W61°28.316’, 30 m, trop. decid. forest FITs, 2–13.VI.04, S. & J. Peck, 04-96 (17, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; DOMINICA: Springfield Estate, 31.V–16.VI.04, N15°20.841’ W61°20.000’, 550m, ridgetop forest above Mt. Joy , FIT, S. & J. Peck, 04-90 (23, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; DOMINICA: Sindicate Estate trail, E. of Dublanc , N15°31.202’ W61°25.015’, 560m, montane rain forest carrion trap, 2–13.VI.04, S. & J. Peck, 04–97 (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; DOMINICA: Middleham Falls trail, Cochrane , N15°20.922’, W61°20.747’, 650m, forest FITs, 31.V–11.VI.04, S. & J. Peck, 04-93 (12, SBPC; 3, MCZC; 3, FSCA; 3, FMNH) GoogleMaps ; MARTINIQUE: 1 km E Diamant , N14°28.7’ W61°00.6’, 7– 23.VII.2010, 10m, thorn forest, flight intercept, Peck, 10-51 (24, SBPB) GoogleMaps ; MARTINIQUE: 4 km SW LeMarin, Morn Aca , N14°27.8’ W60°53.9’, 260m, 13–28.VII.2012, humid forest hilltop clearing, FIT, S. Peck, 12-55 (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; GUADELOUPE: Bas. Ter., Malendure, Petit Trace , Fond Ravine , 3m, streamside forest uv trap, N16°10.44’ W61°46.7’, 21.V.2012, S. Peck, 12-31 (3, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; GUADELOUPE: Bas. Ter., Riviere Sens, Sentier Houelemont , N15°58.93’ W61°42.62’, 80m, humid forest FIT, 19-31.V.2012, S. Peck, 12-29B (5, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; GUADELOUPE: Bas. Ter., Mahault, Riviere Colas , xeric forest, streamside uv traps, N16°11.26’ W61°46.71’, 80m, 15.V.2012, S. Peck, 12-26 (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; GUADELOUPE: Bas. Ter., Pigeon, Trace Poirier , N16°08.83’ W61°45.22’, humid forest FIT, 350m, 14–31.V.2012, S. Peck, 12-22 (4, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data as previous except: uv trap, 23.V.2012, 12-32 (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; GRENADA: Grand Etang Forest Reserve , N12°04.162’ W61°42.162’, 10–28.VIII. 10, 400m, rain forest FIT, S. Peck, 10-63 (4, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data except: N12°04.846’ W61°42.333’, 15–18.VIII. 10, 360m, rain forest carrion trap, 10-71 (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data except: 9–28.VIII.10, FIT, 10-61 (3, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data except: forest Malaise , 10-60 (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; ST. VINCENT: Hermitage Forest, E. of Spring Village , N13°14.86’ W61°12.77’, 16–27.VIII.06, forest FIT trap, 348m, S. & J. Peck, 06-103B (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data as previous except: forest edge malaise, 340m, 06-104A (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data as previous except: 23–27.VIII.06, forest edge FIT, 06-104B (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data as previous except: 15–27.VIII.06, 348m, 06-102 (3, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data as previous except: 16–27.VIII.06, forest FIT, 360m, 06-105 (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; same data as previous exceot: 15–27.VIII.06, clearing FIT trap, 348m, 06-101B (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; ST. VINCENT: Emerald Valley Hotel, Buccament , N13°12.0’ W61°13.8’, 10–20.VI.07, FIT, 20m, S. & J. Peck, 07-14 (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; ST. VINCENT: Vermont Nature Trails, 7kmE Buccament , N13°13’ W61°13’, 11–20.VI.07, rainforest FIT, 370m, S. & J. Peck, 07-18 (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; ST. LUCIA: Praslin, lowland woodland ravine, 11–28.VII.07, N13°52.9’ W60°53.5’, 50m, intercept traps, S. & J. Peck, 07-56 (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; ST. LUCIA: Micoud Dist., Escap Co mmunity, 55m, 13.8310°N, 61.8962W °, 23–27JUNE2009, malaise, C.A. Maier & M.L. Gimmel (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; ST. LUCIA: Bordelais trap site, 13.9689°N, 60.8859°W, 25–29JUNE2009, FIT, M.L. Gimmel & E.A. Ivie (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; same data as previous except: 09–14JULY 2009, 185m, Malaise, C.A. Maier & M.L. Gimmel (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; ST. LUCIA: Louvette trap site, 13.9689°N, 60.8859°W, 25– 29JUNE2009, FIT, M.L. Gimmel & C.A. Maier (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; ST. LUCIA: Grande Anse trap site, 38m, 14.00529°N, 60.89737°W, 08–17MAY2009, Malaise, R.C. Winton & I.A. Foley (2, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; MONTSERRAT: Woodlands, Cassava Ghaut, Beattie House , 01–29JUNE2003, K.A. Marske, FIT (3, WIBF) ; MONTSERRAT: Gun Hill , 16°45.45’N, 62°12.70’W, 887ft. [270m], 19JUNE–07JULY2002, K.A. Marske (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; MONTSERRAT: Cassava Ghaut , 18JUNE2002, K.A. Marske, berlese leaf litter (1, WIBF) .

Distribution. Widespread throughout the Lesser Antilles; known from the islands of Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada.

Etymology. The epithet parvantilliensis (Latin parvus , small; Antilles + the Latin suffix –ensis, locality) refers to the Lesser Antilles distribution of this species.


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