Pseudolionothus andersoni Peck and Cook, 2014

Peck, Stewart B. & Cook, Joyce, 2014, A review of the small carrion beetles and the round fungus beetles of the West Indies (Coleoptera: Leiodidae), with descriptions of two new genera and 61 new species., Insecta Mundi 2014 (397), pp. 1-76 : 39-40

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Pseudolionothus andersoni Peck and Cook

sp. nov.

Pseudolionothus andersoni Peck and Cook View in CoL , n.sp.

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Diagnostic description. Total length = 1.42–1.54 mm; greatest width = 0.94–1.10 mm. Dark reddish brown, shining. Head moderately coarsely, irregularly punctate. Antennal club moderately robust; antennomere VII variable in width, always distinctly narrower than IX and X; antennomere VIII thin, disc-like, about one-half width of IX and X; antennomere XI narrower than IX and X. Left mandible with small tooth on apical half, right mandible with large triangular tooth at middle. Pronotum with moderately fine, irregularly spaced punctures; posterior angles rounded, base broadly rounded. Elytra coarsely punctate, strial rows usually discernible only posteriorly. Median lobe of aedeagus ( Fig. 33, 34 View Figures 30–36 ) broad, gradually flattening toward apex; dorsal margin sinuate in lateral view; paired apical appendages with acute apices, extending well beyond apex of median lobe. Parameres slender, nearly reaching apex of median lobe, each bearing two apical setae.

Type material. Holotype, male, with the following label data: “ CUBA: Guantanamo / El Yunque, Finca Las Delicia / 170m, 20.314 –74.573, 31.I.2012 / R. Anderson, wet rainforest litter / 2012-016” ( SBPC) GoogleMaps . Paratypes (7) with the following label data: same data as holotype (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; CUBA: Holguin, Mayari / P. N. Mensura Piloto / 20.48123 - 75.80952, 716m / 10.V.2013, R. Anderson / 2013-003, dry pluviselva litter (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; CUBA: Cienfuegos / Mayari , 1 km E / 21.97114 – 80.12172, 866m / 18.V.2013, R. Anderson / 2013-018, karst forest litter (2, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; CUBA: Cienfuegos / P.N. Pico San Juan , road / 21.98812 – 80.14632, 1086m / 19.V.2013, R. Anderson / 2013-022, elfin forest litter (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps ; CUBA: Cienfuegos / Rio Cabagan / 21.93123 -80.08461, 651m / 20.V.2013, R. Anderson / 2013-026, gallery forest litter (1, SBPC) GoogleMaps .

Distribution. Known only from Cuba.

Etymology. This species, andersoni , is named for Dr. Robert Anderson, Canadian Museum of Nature, who collected all of the known specimens.













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