Aglyptinus hispaniolensis Peck and Cook, 2014

Peck, Stewart B. & Cook, Joyce, 2014, A review of the small carrion beetles and the round fungus beetles of the West Indies (Coleoptera: Leiodidae), with descriptions of two new genera and 61 new species., Insecta Mundi 2014 (397), pp. 1-76 : 51-52

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Aglyptinus hispaniolensis Peck and Cook

sp. nov.

Aglyptinus hispaniolensis Peck and Cook View in CoL , new species

Figures 100, 101 View Figures 92–115

Diagnostic description. Length 1.3–1.8 mm; greatest width 1.0– 1.3 mm. Shining; color reddish brown; pronotal margins, labrum, palps, antennae and tarsi paler. Head finely, sparsely punctate; pronotum minutely, sparsely punctate; elytra more coarsely, densely punctate than head. Antennae not reaching pronotal base. Maxillary palps unmodified. Eyes moderately large. Wings fully developed. Metasternum minutely, sparsely punctate medially, with fine lines of microsculpture laterally. Male protarsi and mesotarsi densely setose. Major male mesofemur broader than metafemur; posterior margin of metafemur weakly concave; inner metatibial spine elongate with curved apex. Aedeagus ( Fig. 100, 101 View Figures 92–115 ) evenly curved dorsoventrally, flattened before rounded apex. Parameres gradually narrowed.

Type material. Holotype, male, with the following label data: “DOM[INICAN] REP[UBLIC]: LA VEGA PROV. / PN. A. Bermudez, Cienaga / 19.VII–2.VIII.1995, 1100 m / trop. evgrn. forest, FIT/ S. & J. Peck, 95- 36 ( SBPC) . Paratypes (44): with same data as holotype (14, SBPC) ; same data as holotype except: 1000 m, 95-32 (10, SBPC; 3, MCZC; 3, FMNH) ; same data except: 1010 m, 95-33 (14, SBPC) .

Additional material examined. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: La Vega Prov., PN. A. Bermudez, Cienaga , 19.VII–2.VIII.1995, 1020 m, trop. evgrn. forest, FIT, S. & J. Peck 95-34 (18, SBPC) ; same data except: 21.VII–4.VIII.95, 1000 m, forest carrion traps, 95-39 (1, SBPC) ; same data except: 21.VII.1995, trop. evgrn. forest litter, 95-44 (10, SBPC) ; PN. Bermudez , 2km SW Cienaga, 2.VIII.1995, 1100 m, forest litter, S. & J. Peck, 95-52 (18, SBPC) ; PN. Bermudez , 1km W Cienaga, 1050 m, 2.VIII.1995, forest litter, S. & J. Peck, 95-53 (7, SBPC) ; 10km NE Jarabacoa, Hotel Montana , forest FIT, 18.VII–4.VIII. 1995, 550 m, S. & J. Peck, 95-30 (24, SBPC) ; same data except: Racquet Club , mixed for. FIT, 20.VII–4.VIII.1995, 95-37 (8, SBPC) ; same data except: Racquet Club Rd. , 30.VII.1995, forest litter, 95-50 (8, SBPC) ; same data except: 12km NE Jarabacoa , 4.VIII.1995, broken termite nest, 95-54 (1, SBPC) ; ca. 10km E. Constanza , 1295m, 31.VIII.1988, mixed forest litter, M.A. Ivie, T.K. Phillips, & K.A. Johnson (7, WIBF) ; Constanza , 1150m, 31.VIII.1988, hardwood leaf litter, M.A. Ivie, T.K. Phillips, & K.A. Johnson (2, WIBF) ; same data except 30.VIII.1988, mixed secondary pine forest (6, WIBF) ; 8km S. Constanza, 2.IX.1997, P.W. Kovarik, Berlese cloud for. lit. (1, WIBF) ; DOM. REP.: Pedernales, 28km N Cabo Rojo , 760 m, evergreen dry forest, 29.XI– 3.XII.1991, FIT, Masner & Peck, 91-349 (8, SBPC) ; Las Abejas , 1225m, 18°09’03”N, 71°37’48”W, 28.VII– 3.VIII.1999, G.O. Dominici, FIT (8, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; 24kmN. Cabo Rojo , 610m, 20.VIII.1988, wet forest litter nr. termite mound, M. Ivie, Phillips & Johnson (1, WIBF) ; same data except: at light & night beating, wet forest (1, WIBF) ; same data except: 20.VIII–9.IX.1988, FIT (2, WIBF) ; ca. 35kmN. Cabo Rojo, 1250m, Las Abejas , 26.VIII.1988, mix. leaf litter, M.A. Ivie, T.K. Phillips & K.A. Johnson (9, WIBF) ; same data except: 26.VIII–9.IX.1988, FIT (6, WIBF) ; 24kmN. Cabo Rojo , 18°06’N, 71°38’W, 612m, 10.VII.1993, D.S. Sikes & R.P. Rosenfeld, carrion trap (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; same data except: 11.VII.1993, leaf litter (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; DOM. REP.: Barahona, 7km NW Paraiso , 200 m, rainforest remnant, 27.XI–4.XII.1991, FIT, Masner & Peck, 91-341 (7, SBPC) ; same data except: 27.XI.1991, tree base litter, S. & J. Peck, 91-343 (1, SBPC) ; DOM.REP.: San Cristobal, 4kmNW Villa Altagracia , 300m, 12.IV–6.VII.1992, M.A. & R.O. Ivie, FIT (1, WIBF) ; DOM.REP.: Santiago, N. side Pico del Yaque , 19°03’N, 70°56’W, 2515m, 8.IV.1992, bunchgrass litter, M.A. Ivie (1, WIBF) GoogleMaps ; DOM.REP.: Hato Mayor, Par. Nac. Los Haitises, W. of Sabana de la Mar , 1– 16.IV.1992, 10m, M.A. Ivie, FIT (5, WIBF) ; same data except: 16.IV–1.VII.1992, Bosque Humido (2, WIBF) ; same data except: 1.IV.1992, litter in buttresses, M.A. Ivie, D.S. Sikes & W. Lanier (2, WIBF) ; Par. Nac. Los Haitises , 2.VII.1992 – 16.VII.1993, D. Sikes & R. Rosenfeld, FIT (1, WIBF) ; DOM.REP.: Azua, E. side of crest, Sierra Martin Garcia, 7 km WNW Barrero, 18-21N, 70-58W, 860m, 25-26.VII.1992, C. Young, R. Davidson, S. Thompson, J. Rawlins, cloud forest adjacent to disturbed forest (1, CMNH). DOM. REP.: Barahona, nr. Filipinas, Larimar Mine , 26.VI–7.VII.1992, Woodruff & Skelley, flight trap (30, FSCA) .

Distribution. Known only from Hispaniola.

Etymology. The epithet hispaniolensis (Hispaniola + the Latin suffix –ensis, locality) refers to the occurence of this species on Hispaniola.


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