Stenope falcata ( Reshchikov, 2017 )

Achterberg, Cornelis Van, Ang, Yuchen, Reshchikov, Alexey & Yue, Qi, 2018, Stenope, a new euphorine genus from the Philippines (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), Zootaxa 4442 (3), pp. 479-484: 483

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Stenope falcata ( Reshchikov, 2017 )

comb. nov.

Stenope falcata ( Reshchikov, 2017)  comb. nov.

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Allophrys falcatus Reshchikov (in Yue et al.), 2017  : 190, 192, 193.? Microctonus falcatus  ; Khalaim & Belokobylskij, 2017: 126 (not M. falcatus Shaw, 1993  ).

Material examined. Holotype, female (Natural History Museum, Manila), “ Philippines, [Mindanao] Davao [del Sul], Mt. Malambo,, Malaise trap, Yuchen Ang, Alma Mohagan, Reizl Jose & Kay Ramos”.

Description. Holotype, female, length of body 1.95 mm, fore wing 1.2 mm.

The following may be added to the description in Yue et al. (2017).

Antenna nearly as long as fore wing and with 24 flagellomeres; eyes sparsely setose ( Fig. 2 View Figure ); anterior tentorial pits enlarged and close to eye ( Fig. 11 View Figure ); notauli distinctly crenulate and comparatively short ( Fig. 7 View Figure ); scutellar sulcus nearly as long as scutellum ( Fig. 7 View Figure ); scutellum smooth medio-posteriorly ( Fig. 3 View Figure ); vein 1-CU1 of fore wing widened, oblique and half as long as vein cu-a; sclerotized part of vein 3-CU1 of fore wing weakly oblique and much longer than vein 2-CU1; width of pterostigma twice length of vein r ( Fig. 4 View Figure ); vein 3-SR+SR1 of fore wing weakly curved subbasally; r:3-SR+SR1= 5:83; wings evenly setose; first metasomal tergite 4.7 x longer than its maximum width and 5.0 x its apical width ( Fig. 8 View Figure ); ovipositor sheath nearly 0.2 x as long as first tergite; body black or dark brown (including tegulum, but clypeus, scapus and pedicellus brown); palpi pale yellowish; mandible and legs brownish yellow; pterostigma and veins rather dark brown; wing membrane weakly infuscated ( Fig. 4 View Figure ).














Stenope falcata ( Reshchikov, 2017 )

Achterberg, Cornelis Van, Ang, Yuchen, Reshchikov, Alexey & Yue, Qi 2018


Allophrys falcatus Reshchikov (in Yue et al.), 2017

: 190 : 126