Cheiracanthium zhejiangense Hu & Song, 1982

Zhang, Jianshuang, Zhang, Guren & Yu, Hao, 2018, Four species of spider genus Cheiracanthium C. L. Koch, 1839 (Araneae, Eutichuridae) from Jinggang Mountains, Jiangxi Province, China, ZooKeys 762, pp. 33-45: 33

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Cheiracanthium zhejiangense Hu & Song, 1982


Cheiracanthium zhejiangense Hu & Song, 1982  Figs 4, 5

Cheiracanthium zhejiangensis  Hu & Song, 1982: 56, fig. 4 A–D.

Cheiracanthium zhejiangense  Paik 1990: 9, fig. 26-38.


See the World Spider Catalogue for the full list of references.

Examined material.

1♂ and 2♀, China, Jiangxi Province, Jinggang Mountains Nature Reserve, Xiangzhou village (380 m; 26°35'30.23"N, 114°15'59.93"E), 26 April 2011, Hao Yu leg.


Male and female (Fig. 4). Description of habitus, see Paik (1990). Since previous descriptions are rather brief, redescription of genitalia is provided as below.

Palp (Fig. 4 A–C). Tibia about as long as cymbium, with only retrolateral apophysis; apophysis about 20% of tibia length, with a sharp apex and hiding behind tegulum; cymbial spur slightly shorter than tibia, tapering off into a thread and terminally coiled; cymbial fold distinct, for approximately 2/3 the length of cymbium; tip of cymbium about 1/3 of cymbium length. Tegulum egg-shaped, 1.2 longer than wide; tegular apophysis long, more than 4/5 of tegulim length, thin hook-shaped; embolus originates at about 10 o’clock position, terminating at approximately 11 o’clock position, it’s tip covered by conductor; conductor large, membranous.

Epigyne (Fig. 4 D–E). Apron-like atrium distinct, about four times wider than long; receptacles are faintly visible through epigynal plate in ventral view; two copulatory openings located at lateral borders of atrium; the transparent copulatory ducts running spirally (length of spira about 2.6 times longer than receptacles), forming 8 entwined loops (including 4 ascending coils and 4 descending coils); receptacle long and tubular, separated by two diameters.


China (Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang) and Korea.