Philogenia macuma Dunkle, 1986,

Vilela, Diogo Silva, Guillermo-Ferreira, Rhainer, Encalada, Andrea C. & Cordero-Rivera, Adolfo, 2019, Philogenia gaiae sp. nov. (Zygoptera: Philogeniidae) and description of the female of P. macuma Dunkle, 1986, two species from the Ecuadorean lowland rainforest, Zootaxa 4683 (3), pp. 412-420: 419

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Philogenia macuma Dunkle, 1986


Description of Philogenia macuma Dunkle, 1986  female

( Figs. 5View FIGURE 5 f−j, 6c−d)

Material examined. 1♀ ( ECOEVO, ACR 01918View Materials, in tandem with ACR 01917View Materials), Ecuador, Napo, Jatún Sacha Biologi- cal Reserve (-1.0637, -77.6200, 451 m asl), 08.xi.2014, A. Cordero-Rivera leg.GoogleMaps 

Coloration and overall morphology as in female of P. gaiae  , differing by the characters provided under P. gaiae  female description.

Wings ( Fig. 6dView FIGURE 6). Hyaline, with a light brown tinge on all wing tips. Pt brown, surmounting six cells in FW and five cells in HW. Px: 25 in FW, 24 in HW.

Measurements. FW = 32.2; HW = 33; abdomen = 37.3; total = 48.

Habitat and ecology. Habitats and habits similar from those described for P. gaia  .

Differential diagnosis. See under the diagnosis of P. gaiae  .