Neopsocopsis quinquedentata (Li & Yang, 1988)

Liu, Lu-Xi, Yoshizawa, Kazunori, Li, Fa-Sheng & Liu, Zhi-Qi, 2012, A review of the genus Neopsocopsis (Psocodea, " Psocoptera ", Psocidae), with one new species from China, ZooKeys 203, pp. 27-46 : 35-37

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Neopsocopsis quinquedentata (Li & Yang, 1988)


Neopsocopsis quinquedentata (Li & Yang, 1988) Figures 1C, 4

Blastopsocidus quinquedentata Li & Yang, 1988: 79.

Neopsocopsis quinquedentata (Li & Yang). Yoshizawa 2010: 36.

Material examined.

Holotype ♂: China, Guizhou Prov., Jiangkou Co., Fanjingshan Natural Reserve, 27.vii.1983 (FS Li). Other material examined. China: 1♂, Guizhou Prov., Leishan Co., Leigongshan Natural Reserve, 14.iv.2005 (Y Tang).


Male. Head creamy brown; compound eyes grayish black, ocelli black with grayish black ocellar field; antennae and labrum brown, maxillary palpi brown with apical segment lighter. Thorax brown with dark brown spots; legs brown, with band of dark brown marking on femur, tarsi and distal part of tibia dark colored. Fore wing (Fig. 1C) hyaline with light brownish tinge, pterostigma brown; veins brown, except for Rs fork and M-Cu1a fusion hyaline. Venation: Rs and M fused for very short distance; distal margin of discoidal cell straight; first section of Cu1a shorter than the second section, diverging at angle about 120°. Hind wing hyaline; veins brown.

Abdomen. Male genitalia: 8th sternum strongly sclerotized and fused to hypandrium. Clunium (Fig. 4A) with posterior margin sharply convex medially and with tiny projection bilaterally. Epiproct (Fig. 4AB) swollen, unsclerotized medially, with moderate projection at middle of anterior margin. Paraproct (Fig. 4A) round and broadened distally. Hypandrium (Fig. 4C) 5-lobed, lateral lobes carinate with anterior part long and curved anteromedially, outer surface covering denticles; posteromedian lobe forming dorsal-curved structure, with distal margin almost straight and with tiny projection medially, basally with small membranous regions; internal lobes not well developed, much smaller than posteromedian lobe and distally bud-like. Phallosome (Fig. 4D) free posteriorly, distally broadened and paired with parameres.

Female unknown.


Male: Body length 1.9-2.3 mm; fore wing length 4.0-4.1 mm; hind wing length 2.9-3.1 mm.


China (Guizhou).


Neopsocopsis quinquedentata was described based on one male from Guizhou, with the character of fore wing Rs-M fusion. It can be separated from other species by the hypandrial posteromedian lobe with projection medially, and by the characteristic structures of internal lobes and parameres.