Strumigenys clypeata Roger, 1863

Booher, Douglas B., 2021, The ant genus Strumigenys Smith, 1860 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in western North America North of Mexico, Zootaxa 5061 (2), pp. 201-248 : 226

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5061.2.1

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Strumigenys clypeata Roger, 1863


Strumigenys clypeata Roger, 1863

Distribution. USA; widespread in eastern USA from Florida to New York and west to Iowa; in western USA occurs in Oklahoma, Texas, and possibly Kansas.

Comments. This species is a relatively common eastern species with a large range. Although reported to occur in northern Mexico ( Guzmán-Díaz 2014), the specimen imaged is incorrectly identified. Pilosity, sculpture, and lack of spongiform appendages separate this species from any smithistrumiform species, and I suspect it is S. margaritae from the visible characters in the image provided. Kansas specimens held at the SEMC were not examined but are left here as possible to that state. This species has been collected in a variety of forest habitats but most often in wet, heavily canopied bottomland forests nesting in moist litter and woody debris (AntWeb 2021).

Material examined: USA, Oklahoma, Latimer Co., 34.835035, -95.31025, 224 m, 15-May-83, 6w 1dq, K. Stephan, [ ABS] GoogleMaps ; USA, Texas, Lamar Co., Camp Maxey, Osmuda bog, 33.848745, -95.538077, 165 m, 25-Sep-03, malaise, Formicidae , 1aq, Godwin SF, (casent0799610)[ DBBC] GoogleMaps ; USA, Texas, Nacogdoches Co., 12 miles southwest of Nacogdoches , 31.496515, -94.798552, 74 m, 13-Apr-84, 8w 2dq, Walter Suter, [ ABS] GoogleMaps ; USA, Texas, Sabine Co., Hemphill, 14 Kilometers east of Hemphill , 31.339698, -93.707155, 96 m, 11-May-88, litter, 1w, R. Anderson, 12764, [ TAMUIC] GoogleMaps ; USA, Texas, San Jacinto Co., Big Creek Scenic Area , 30.511358, -95.09486, 74 m, 13- Nov-96, berlese, litter, 15w, J.L. Cook & J.B. Martin, [ DBBC] GoogleMaps ; USA, Texas, Titus Co., Bob Sandlin State Park , 33.06135, -95.098737, 110 m, 18-Jun-09, nest in log, mixed hardwood forest, 5w, W.&E. Mackay, Mackay #23254, (casent0875751)[ DBBC] GoogleMaps ; USA, Texas, Walker Co., Huntsville State Park , 30.620904, -95.522363, 135 m, 30- Sep-03, 1w, J.L. Cook & S. Clarke, [ SHSU] GoogleMaps ; USA, Texas, Wood Co., 3.5 miles SW of Hainesville , 32.663324, -95.360107, 30-Apr-00, Berlese, Forest, 6w 1dq, E.G. Riley, (casent0799608)[ DBBC] GoogleMaps .


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