Euboettcheria (Euboettcheria) collusor, (Curran & Walley, 1934)

Camargo, Sofia Lins Leal Xavier De, Carvalho-Filho, Fernando Da Silva & Esposito, Maria Cristina, 2018, The genus Peckia Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) in the Brazilian Amazon: a new species, new records, descriptions of female terminalia and key to species, Zootaxa 4483 (1), pp. 1-35: 11

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Euboettcheria (Euboettcheria) collusor


Peckia (Euboettcheria) collusor ( Curran & Walley, 1934) 

( Figs 11–12 View Figure , 45–50 View Figure , 119 View Figure )

Description of female terminalia. Posterior margin of T5 elliptical, brown, with golden microtrichosity ( Figs 48– 50 View Figure ). T6 divided and with posterior margin separated, orange with a row of setae near posterior margin ( Figs 45, 48 View Figure ). Spiracle 6 located on the intersegmentary membrane, spiracle 7 located on T6. T8 absent ( Fig. 45 View Figure ). Epiproct divided, covered with setae. Cercus covered with long setae. Hypoproct large, poorly sclerotized and without setae ( Fig. 46 View Figure ). ST6 wider than long, with posterior margin widened; with a row of robust setae near posterior margin. ST7 narrowed posteriorly, with anterior margin longer than posterior one, without setae. ST8 represented by a small oval plate, joined with ST7 by a membranous region and covered with setulae ( Fig. 45 View Figure ). Spermathecae rounded, without grooves or marks ( Fig. 47 View Figure ).

Material examined. BRAZIL. Amapá: Macapá , 28.I.2007, on pig carcass, leg. R. Nonato (1 ♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  . Pará: Jarí, Área 35 [= Site 35], 8.XI.2005, on bovine lung bait, leg. T. Gardner (2 ♂♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  ; same data but Área 75 [= Site 75], 31.VIII.2005 (3 ♂♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  . Mato Grosso: Juína , V.1985, leg. O. Roppa & B. Silva (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  . Rio de Janeiro: Teresópolis, Imbiu, 1997, leg. P. Araújo (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  ; Floresta da Tijuca [= Tijuca Forest ], IX.1988, leg. E.M.O. Cordillo (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  ; São Cristovão, Quinta da Boa Vista , 20.IX.1973, leg. R. Tibana (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  .

Distribution in Brazil. Amapá, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceará, Distrito Federal, Mato Grosso, Pará, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima, Santa Catarina.

Remarks. The female terminalia of Peckia (E.) collusor  are similar to those of P. (E.) epimelia  in having ST6 widened posteriorly, ST8 reduced and spiracle 6 located on intersegmentary membrane ( Figs 45 View Figure , 51 View Figure ). Peckia (E.) collusor  can be distinguished from P. (E.) epimelia  by the square posterior margin of ST7 and the presence of a membrane between ST7 and ST8 ( Fig. 45 View Figure ). The female terminalia of P. (E.) collusor  share with P. (E.) anguilla  T5 with an elliptic posterior margin, spiracle 6 located on intersegmentary membrane and spiracle 7 located on T6, but it differs in the shape of ST8 (see Remarks under P. (E.) anguilla  ).

This is one of the most common species in the Brazilian Amazon. It is easily collected in forested environments (d’Almeida 1984; Esposito & Linhares 2002) and is considered to be asynanthropic ( Dias et al. 1984). This species has frequently been collected in the Brazilian Amazon with traps baited with large or small dead animals (fishes, large toads, birds, rats, and pigs) ( Dias et al. 1984; Esposito & Linhares 2002). In addition, P. (E.) collusor  has been reared from a pupa of Brassolis astyra Godart  ( Lepidoptera  : Nymphalidae  ) ( Lopes 1935), feces (d’Almeida 1988), and a dead Hemidactylus mabouia Moreau de Jonnès  (Reptilia: Squamata  : Gekkonidae  ) (personal observation by the second author).


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