Pattonella (Pattonella) smarti, (Lopes, 1941)

Camargo, Sofia Lins Leal Xavier De, Carvalho-Filho, Fernando Da Silva & Esposito, Maria Cristina, 2018, The genus Peckia Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) in the Brazilian Amazon: a new species, new records, descriptions of female terminalia and key to species, Zootaxa 4483 (1), pp. 1-35: 16-17

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Pattonella (Pattonella) smarti


Peckia (Pattonella) smarti ( Lopes, 1941) 

( Figs 26–28 View Figure , 63–68 View Figure )

Description of female terminalia. Posterior margin of T5 elliptical, black with silver spots ( Figs 66–68 View Figure ). T6

divided into two halves, brown with golden microtrichosity and a silver spot on anterior margin, and with a row of setae near posterior margin. Spiracles 6 and 7 located on T6. T8 absent ( Figs 63, 66 View Figure ). Epiproct absent. Cercus covered with long and fine setae. Hypoproct triangular, with long and fine setae ( Fig. 64 View Figure ). ST6 oval, covered with setulae and with robust setae near posterior margin. ST7 with three small lobes and a few setae near posterior margin. ST8 square, with long and fine setae near posterior margin ( Fig. 63 View Figure ). Spermathecae pyriform, with segmental constrictions throughout their length ( Fig. 65 View Figure ).

Material examined. BRAZIL. Amapá: Serra do Navio , XI.1997, leg. P. Magno (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  ; Floresta Nacional do Amapá, 5.X.2016, leg. H.C. Antunes (1 ♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  . Amazonas: Manaus, Reserva Ducke, 9.I.2005, on rotting beef lung, leg. A. Pena (2 ♂♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  . Mato Grosso: Sinop , X.1975, leg. Alvarenga & Roppa (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  . Pará: Belém, Aurá (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  ; Jari, Pacanari, 22.XI.2006, on rotting beef lung, leg. T. Gardner (1 ♂, MPEG); same data but 16.XI.2005 (1 ♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  . São Paulo: Campos do Jordão , leg. Lopes & Izecksohn (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  .

Distribution in Brazil. Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, São Paulo *.

Remarks. Females of P. (P.) intermutans  and P. (P.) smarti  share T6 divided with a short posterior membranous region, spermatheca pyriform and epiproct absent ( Figs 63–65 View Figure ). Peckia (P.) intermutans  can be differentiated from P. (P) smarti  by the presence of T 8 in the second species.


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