Pattonella (Euboettcheria) anguilla, (Curran & Walley, 1934)

Camargo, Sofia Lins Leal Xavier De, Carvalho-Filho, Fernando Da Silva & Esposito, Maria Cristina, 2018, The genus Peckia Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) in the Brazilian Amazon: a new species, new records, descriptions of female terminalia and key to species, Zootaxa 4483 (1), pp. 1-35: 4-11

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Pattonella (Euboettcheria) anguilla


Peckia (Euboettcheria) anguilla ( Curran & Walley, 1934) 

( Figs 5 View Figure , 39–44 View Figure )

Description of female terminalia. Posterior margin of T5 elliptical, brown, with golden microtrichosity dorsally and silver spots laterally ( Figs 42–44 View Figure ). T6 divided into two halves, orange with a row of setae near posterior margin. Spiracle 6 located on intersegmentary membrane, spiracle 7 located on T6. T8 absent ( Fig. 39 View Figure ). Epiproct undivided, covered with long and fine setae. Cercus covered with long and fine setae. Hypoproct represented by a triangular membranous area covered with fine, long setae ( Fig. 40 View Figure ). ST6 rectangular, covered with setulae and with a row of setae near posterior margin. ST7 square, with fine small setae near posterior margin. ST8 triangular, covered with fine small setae ( Fig. 39 View Figure ). Spermathecae rounded ( Fig. 41 View Figure ).

Material examined. BRAZIL. Espirito Santo: Novo Horizonte, Conceição da Barra , X.1972, leg. Alvarenga & Roppa (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  . Pará: Almeirim, Jari, 8.XII.2006, on rotting beef lung, leg. T. Gardner (5 ♂♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  . Rio de Janeiro: Angra dos Reis , 11.XII.1972, leg. H.S. Lopes (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  ; same data but 1.IV.1972 (1 ♀, MNRJAbout MNRJ)  .

Distribution in Brazil. Amazonas, Ceará, Distrito Federal, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Pará, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima, São Paulo.

Remarks. The female terminalia of P. (E.) anguilla  and P. (E.) collusor  are morphologically similar since they both have T5 with an elliptic posterior margin, spiracle 6 located on the intersegmentary membrane and spiracle 7 located on T6 ( Figs 39, 42 View Figure , 45, 48 View Figure ). However, P. (E.) anguilla  differs from P. (E.) collusor  in having ST8 triangular while in P. (E.) collusor  it is oval, reduced and joined to ST7 by a membranous region ( Figs 39 View Figure , 45 View Figure ).

Peckia (E.) anguilla  has a wide distribution, but it is uncommon and has usually been collected with traps baited with bovine lung in Brazil’s Amazonian forests ( Dias et al. 1984; Carvalho-Filho & Esposito 2009; Sousa et al. 2011, 2015). It is associated with forested environments ( Dias et al. 1984).


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