Pattonella (Squamatodes) trivittata, (Curran, 1927)

Camargo, Sofia Lins Leal Xavier De, Carvalho-Filho, Fernando Da Silva & Esposito, Maria Cristina, 2018, The genus Peckia Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) in the Brazilian Amazon: a new species, new records, descriptions of female terminalia and key to species, Zootaxa 4483 (1), pp. 1-35: 33

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Pattonella (Squamatodes) trivittata


Peckia (Squamatodes) trivittata ( Curran, 1927) 

( Figs 3–4 View Figure , 111–116 View Figure )

Description of female terminalia. Posterior margin of T5 elliptical, black, with silver microtrichosity ( Figs 114– 116 View Figure ). T6 undivided, well developed and projected posteriorly, orange, with silver microtrichosity restricted to anterior margin and a row of robust setae near posterior margin. Spiracles 6 and 7 located on T6. T8 absent ( Figs 111, 114 View Figure ). Epiproct wider than long, with long and fine setae near posterior margin. Cercus covered with setae. Hypoproct triangular, with long and fine setae near posterior margin ( Fig. 112 View Figure ). ST6 elongate, with one pair of setae near posterior margin. ST7 reduced, almost rounded, without setae. ST8 U-shaped, without setulae or setae ( Fig. 111 View Figure ). Spermatheca rounded, with tiny, rounded, sparsely distributed furrows ( Fig. 113 View Figure ).

Material examined. BRAZIL. Amazonas: Coari, Urucu river basin at Base Operacional Geólogo Pedro de Moura ( BOGPM), 21–28.IX.2004, on bovine lung, leg. M.C. Esposito (1 ♂, MPEGAbout MPEG)  . Maranhão: Caxias , 29.VII.2010, leg. J.O.A. Silva (3 ♀♀, MPEGAbout MPEG)  .

Distribution in Brazil. Amazonas, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Pará, Pernambuco, São Paulo.

Remarks. See remarks under P. (S.) ingens  . This species has been sporadically collected in the Brazilian Amazon, and Esposito & Linhares (2002) collected only three specimens in the primary forest of Caxiuanã National Forest, Melgaço Municipality, Pará. Peckia (Squamatodes) trivittata  is mostly associated with open and dry environments such as the Cerrado (savanna-like) vegetation, where it is a common species ( Lopes 1973; Barros et al. 2008).


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