Paraconger caudilimbatus (Poey, 1867)

Peter Wirtz, Carlos Eduardo L. Ferreira, Sergio R. Floeter, Ronald Fricke, Joao Luiz Gasparini, Tomio Iwamoto, Luiz Rocha, Claudio L. S. Sampaio & Ulrich K. Schliewen, 2007, Coastal Fishes of Sao Tome and Principe islands, Gulf of Guinea (Eastern Atlantic Ocean) - an update., Zootaxa 1523, pp. 1-48 : 5

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Paraconger caudilimbatus (Poey, 1867)


Paraconger caudilimbatus (Poey, 1867)

The head of a Paraconger   ZBK species (Figure 4) was seen sticking out of holes in the sand in Lagoa Azul at a depth of about 25 m, in the same area where Heteroconger longissimus   ZBK was observed. A small congrid, probably belonging to the same species, was seen swimming over the sand during a night dive at the same place and was collected (SMNS 25228). It is Paraconger caudilimbatus , previously only known from the western Atlantic, from North Carolina to Venezuela. The specimen was identified using the key published by Kanazawa (1961: 7); though the vertebral formula could not be determined, the specimen differs from the eastern Atlantic species Paraconger notialis Kanazawa, 1961 in the presence of a 5th supraorbital pore and postorbital pores. The specimen otherwise well agrees with P. caudilimbatus , having 38 pores in the lateral line anterior to the anus, the gill opening anterior to the upper edge of the pectoral fin base, 13 pectoral fin rays, 10 preoperculo-mandibular pores, and a supratemporal pore.