Phyllocnistis meliacella Becker, 1974

Prins, Jurate De, Brito, Rosângela & Moreira, Gilson Rudinei Pires, 2016, An annotated taxonomic checklist of the Neotropical Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera) with links to the information on host plants and parasitoids, Zootaxa 4158 (1), pp. 1-51: 36

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Phyllocnistis meliacella Becker, 1974


Phyllocnistis meliacella Becker, 1974 

" Phyllocnistis meliacella Becker  , new species "— Becker, V.O. 1974. Turrialba 24(3): 334–335, fig. 3. Type locality: Costa Rica, Turrialba , 620 m. 

Type specimens: Neotype ♂, nr. 72096, USNM; Paratypes 5 specimens (gender not stated), USNM, University of Costa Rica  . The original holotype was destroyed in the mail from Costa Rica to Brazil, and a paratype in the USNM is designated to replace it (Becker 1974: 335). Distribution  : Costa Rica (Becker 1974: 335).

Larval hostplant(s): Meliaceae  : Cedrela angustifolia Sessé & Moc.  , C. odorata  L., C. tonduzii  C. DC.,

Swietenia macrophylla King  , S. mahagoni Jacq. (Becker 1974: 335)  . DNA: Genbank AY521492 (Lopez-Vaamonde et al. 2006).


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History