Ananteris guyanensis Lourenco & Monod, 1999

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 28-29

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Ananteris guyanensis Lourenco & Monod, 1999


Ananteris guyanensis Lourenco & Monod, 1999  Fig. 2


Lourenço and Monod 1999, Fet et al. 2000, Lourenço 2003a, Lourenço 2016b.


Saint Eugène, rainforest, in rotten log, one female (holotype), deposited in the MHNG, R. Boistel leg., 15/IV/1998. Mana, near Saut Sabbat, Gîte Angoulème, one male, deposited in the EYPC, EY0106, J. Chevalier & B. Tan coll., 04/XI/2017. Mana, near Saut Sabbat, Gîte Angoulème, one female, deposited in the RNA, J. Chevalier & B. Tan coll., 07/I/2018.


Species of medium size when compared with the average size of the other species of the genus, ranging from 25 to 30 mm in total length. General coloration yellowish brown, symmetrically marbled with dark reddish brown, producing an overall spotted appearance. Carapace yellowish brown and heavily spotted; eyes surrounded with black pigment. Mesosoma yellowish brown with confluent brown stripes and two longitudinal yellowish stripes. Venter yellowish with spots only on sternite VII. Metasomal segments I to V yellowish brown, with numerous brown spots; segments IV and V reddish, darker than the others. Vesicle reddish yellow without spots, but with some darker areas over the carinae. Chelicerae yellowish without variegated spots over their entire surface, and with only a dark thin zone at the base of the fingers; fingers reddish. Pedipalps dark brown with spots on the femur and patella; chelae yellowish; fingers brownish. Legs brownish with fuscous spots. Carapace feebly to moderately granular; anterior margin with a slight median concavity; all furrows moderate to feeble. Tergites moderately granular; median carina moderate to strong in all tergites. Pectinal tooth count 17-16 in female. Sternites almost smooth with moderate elongate stigmata; VII with four vestigial carinae. Metasomal segments with 10-10-10-8-5 crenulate carinae; intercarinal spaces moderately granular; segment V rounded. Telson moderately granular with one ventral carina and with a fairly short and moderately curved aculeus; subaculear tooth strong and spinoid. Pedipalp femur pentacarinate; patella and chelae with a few carinae but moderately crenulate; internal side of patella with only vestigial spinoid granules; all sides moderately to feebly granular; movable fingers with seven oblique rows of granules; only one accessory granule present at the base of each row. Leg tarsus with very numerous fine median setae ventrally; tibial spurs strongly developed on legs III and IV.