Pholidoptera guichardi Karabağ, 1961

Taylan, Mehmet Sait, Mol, Abbas, Sevgili, Hasan & Şirin, Deniz, 2019, Bioacoustics characterization of some anatolian endemic and sub-endemic Katydids (Orthoptera; Tettigoniidae; Bradyporinae, Phaneropterinae and Tettigoniinae), Zootaxa 4603 (2), pp. 289-310: 299

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Pholidoptera guichardi Karabağ, 1961


Pholidoptera guichardi Karabağ, 1961 

Distribution. P. guichardi  is endemic to Anatolia. It was recorded only from Trabzon and Giresun provinces of Turkey ( Figure 12AView FIGURE 12) ( Karabağ 1961; Ünal 2012).

Song recording. Male specimens collected from Turkey, Giresun, Tamdere, 40°30.24’ N, 038°21.09’ E, 1692 m, 17.VIII.2015 (by D. Şirin, M.S. Taylan & A. Mol) and calling song recorded from one male at 23–24 °C in the field (by D. Şirin & M.S. Taylan).

Description of song. Four records from one male were evaluated. The calling song consists of a series of regular phrases ( Figure 12BView FIGURE 12) with an interval of 2.570– 3.780 s (3.120 ± 0.28). The phrases duration varies between 756–884 ms (802.48 ± 9.81) and consisting of 9–10 (9.81 ± 0.09) syllables. The phrase begins with 2 low amplitude and shorter syllables (first one is the shortest) and the maximum intensity is usually reached between 1/5 of the phrase ( Figure 12CView FIGURE 12). The first 1–3 syllables at the beginning of the phrase usually include a pulse like quieter part, which lasts for 9–16 ms (13.02 ± 1.78). Syllable duration varies between 37 and 64 ms (56.25 ± 4.28) with an interval of 21–35 ms (26.18 ± 1.87). Oscillographic analyses show that the syllables consist of several high amplitudes elements ( Figure 12DView FIGURE 12). These elements number are 4–7 in the first syllable, 7–10 in the second syllable, and 17–22 (generally 19–20) in the following syllables.