Eupolybothrus appeninigenus anoplus, R. V. Chamberlin, 1952

R. V. Chamberlin, 1952, On the Chilopoda from Turkey, Istanbul Universitesi Orman Fakültesi Dergisi 17, pp. 183-258 : 215

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Eupolybothrus appeninigenus anoplus

subsp. n.

Eupolybothrus appeninigenus anoplus subsp. n.

Dorsum brownish yellow, with a median dorsal dark stripe.

Articles of antennae 43 or 44. Examples of arrangement of the ocelli: 1+5,3,3 and 1,+4,4,3,

Prosternal teeth 7+7.

Ventral spines of penult legs, 0,1,3,3,2; dorsal, 1,0,3,2,2(1).

Ventral spines of anal legs 0,1,3,3,1; dorsal 1,0,3,1,0; claws 2.

None of coxae laterally armed.

Femur of anal legs of male with the usual swelling at distal end; a fine-pore sieve in front of dorsal spine, the length of the sieve half or more the diameter of the joint; length of pore-free area a third or more the length of the joint.

Genital sternite of male with caudal margin widely and evenly convex except for a moderate flattening at middle but with no indentation. (Cf. Fig. 16.) Fifteenth tergite of male with caudal margin obtuse at middle, concave on each side.

Length, about 20 mm.

Locality: Dalyan Köyceigiz, S. coast near Fethiye , one male, taken in Oct., 1946 .

A female which probably also belongs to this species differs in somewhat larger size (length 24 mm). Claw of the gonopods with basal spines 2 - 2, the claw itself entire as usual.

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