Stenus corniculus , Tang, Liang, Liu, Si-Yu & Niu, Tong, 2016

Tang, Liang, Liu, Si-Yu & Niu, Tong, 2016, A revision of the Stenusflammeus group (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) with descriptions of twelve new species, ZooKeys 595, pp. 57-83: 65

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Stenus corniculus

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Stenus corniculus  sp. n. Figs 3, 24-29

Type material.

Holotype. China: Sichuan: ♂, glued on a card with labels as follows: "China: Sichuan Prov., Emeishan Mt., Jieyin Palace, 0.7 km, 29°32'N, 103°20'E, alt. 2500-2600 m, 18.VII.2012, Peng, Dai & Yin Leg." "Holotype / Stenus corniculus  / Tang, Liu & Niu" [red handwritten label] (SHNU). Paratypes. 11♂♂9♀♀, same data as for the holotype (1 pair in cPut, rest in SHNU); 1♂2♀♀, Emei Shan, Leidongping, 2500 m, 29°32'N, 103°21'E, 18.VII.1996, Smetana, Farkač & Kabátek leg. (cSme); 1♂1♀, Emeishan, 29°32'37.3"N, 103°19'57.5"E, 2440 m, 18.VII.2010, sifting, V. Grebennikov ( CNC); 1♀, Emeishan, 29°32'57.2"N, 103°20'37.7"E, 2289 m, 16.VII.2010, sifting, V. Grebennikov leg. ( CNC); 1♀, Emeishan, Xixiangchi, 29.VII.2009, He & Tang leg. (SHNU)


BL: 3.4-3.7mm, FL: 1.6-1.8 mm.

HW: 0.71-0.81 mm, PL: 0.55-0.59 mm, PW: 0.55-0.61 mm, EL: 0.58-0.65 mm, EW: 0.61-0.71 mm, SL: 0.46-0.48 mm. Head 1.11-1.17 times as wide as elytra, pronotum 0.95-1.02 times as long as wide, elytra 0.91-0.96 times as long as wide.

Similar to Stenus jindingianus  sp. n. in most aspects, but differs in the following characters: Head with interocular area entirely black; the traces of elytral marks more distinct and larger; abdominal tergites with punctures relatively sparser especially those of posterior area of each tergite.

Male. Sternite VII (Fig. 24) impressed at posteromedian part delimited by edged ridge on each side, posterior margin of the impression emarginated with a sharp projection on each side; sternite VIII (Fig. 25) with triangular emargination at middle of posterior margin; sternite IX (Fig. 26) with long apicolateral projections, posterior margin with broad and shallow median projection. Aedeagus (Figs 28, 29) slender; with median lobe broadest at about basal 2/5 and gradually tapering apicad, apical sclerotized area with an apical cuspidate projection; expulsion clasps large; parameres distinctly shorter than median lobe, slightly swollen at apical parts, each with 9-11 setae on apico-internal margins.

Female. Sternite VIII entire; sclerotized spermatheca (Fig. 27) consisting of short basal duct and long folded duct.


China (Sichuan).


The species resembles Stenus jindingianus  sp. n. in most aspects, the main differences between them appear in proportions of pronotum and elytra.


The specific name is a combination of the Latin words “cornic” and “ulus” after its sternite VII decorated by sharp projections.