Allantus viennensis (Schrank, 1781),

Liston, Andrew D., Jacobs, Hans-Joachim & Prous, Marko, 2015, The Sawflies of Crete (Hymenoptera, Symphyta), Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 62 (1), pp. 65-79: 65

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Allantus viennensis (Schrank, 1781)


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae

* † Allantus viennensis (Schrank, 1781) 


Crete; 1♀, 6♂♂, Daratsos, on roses (garden cultivar) in hotel garden, 21-25.iv.2013. 1♂, Meskla, 22.iv.2013, near roses (garden cultivar). Rosa  spp. are the known hosts: Taeger et al. 1998.

The garden habitat and association of the Cretan specimens with horticultural varieties of rose, suggest that Allantus viennensis  may have been introduced to the island. Allantus viennensis  , probably native to southern and central Europe, is also an introduced and established species in the eastern USA ( Smith 2003).