Chrysina arellanoi Monzon , 2012

Moore, Matthew R., Jameson, Mary L., Garner, Beulah H., Audibert, Cedric, Smith, Andrew B. T. & Seidel, Matthias, 2017, Synopsis of the pelidnotine scarabs (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae, Rutelini) and annotated catalog of the species and subspecies, ZooKeys 666, pp. 1-349: 1

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Chrysina arellanoi Monzon , 2012


Chrysina arellanoi Monzon, 2012 

Chrysina arellanoi  Monzón, 2012: 1-4 [original combination].


MEXICO: Oaxaca ( Monzón 2012, Thomas et al. 2013, Morón and Nogueira 2016).


1 ♂ holotype and 1 ♀ allotype at CNIN (UNAM) ( Monzón 2012).


Morón and Nogueira (2016) considered the valid name for this species to be Plusiotis arellanoi  . Lacking a clearly articulated and evidence-based rationale for this nomenclatural change, we use the name Chrysina arellanoi  .