Dickerman, R. W., Koopman, K. F. & Seymour, C., 1981, Notes on Bats from the Pacific Lowlands of Guatemala, Journal of Mammalogy 62 (2), pp. 406-411 : 408

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.-Jones(1966) recordedG G. soricina andG. commissarisi from Guatemala, and Jones and Carter (1976) indicated that G. alticola occurs in Guatemala.

Critical comparisonsof ofthese three specieshave not been published andour attempts to TODO identify specimens with the aid ofofGoodwin's (1969)key and descriptions were not TODO J. K.Jones,Jr.,kindly loaned uscopies offigures TODO andmeasurements that he has used to guish the three species.With this aid,Koopman identified all of thespecimens of from Guatemala that arein the TODO AMNH.In G. alticola, the diagnostic character ofthe elevated TODO braincase(Goodwin,1969 1969)was difficult to use in view ofits variability in soricina andcom- TODO TODO missarisi. However, alticolacan be distinguishedfrom each ofthe other species because it TODO combines their two most diagnostic characters.The premaxillaries,asnoted byGardner (1962) TODO in the descriptionof ofcommissarisi, form a shallow arch infront ofthe canines (when viewed TODO from above) in alticolaand commissarisi ,as opposed tothe more projecting and angular pre- TODO maxillariesofsoricina. G. alticolaalso hasa distinctcontinuousmedianridgeonthebasicranium that extends the lengthof theinterpterygoidspace,asin soricina , rather thanthe lower, more TODO rounded ridge that tends to become obliterated in the middle in commissarisi . Glossophaga were found roosting with Saccopteryx bilineata ina hollow tree,in ina pure colonyof ofmore than 30 individuals in a culvert, in small numbers (1-4) in culverts with Macrophyllum and Carollia , and ina TODO protected cavity undertree roots along aditch.Of 1,082 bats netted during Julyand TODO TODO August 1977, 60 (5.5%) were Glossophaga ; specific identifications were not made in the field.

Guatemalan records basedon specimensinthe TODO American Museum ofNatural History that TODO pertain to soricinaor orcommissarisiare listed in the correspondingspecies accounts.Seven TODO specimens from La Avellana, depositedat the USNM have not been reexamined byus. G. TODO TODO alticola was not obtainedin the Departmentof Santa Rosa, but there are specimens inthe TODO TODO American Museum from ElProgreso(ElProgreso Dept.) and San Lucas(Solola SololaDept

(Editor's note: Subsequentto the acceptance ofthis note, additional information onthe tax- TODO TODO onomy ofbats of thegenus Glossophaga hasbeen beenpublished-Webster and andJones,1980











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