Nelcyndana Distant, 1906

Duffels, Joannes Petrus, 2010, The genus Nelcyndana Stal (Hemiptera, Cicadidae, Taphurini) with description of three new species from Borneo, ZooKeys 61, pp. 11-31: 12

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Nelcyndana Distant, 1906


Nelcyndana Distant, 1906 

Tibicen (Nelcynda)  Stål 1870: 716

Nelcynda  Distant 1905: 35

Nelcyndana  Distant 1906: 130 (nom. nov. pro Tibicen (Nelcynda)  Stål [nec Nelcynda  Walker 1862], Moulton 1923: 156, 157, 166; Metcalf 1963: 233-234; Duffels & Van der Laan 1985: 245; Chou et al. 1997: 80, 86; Moulds 2005: 393, 437; Lee 2010: 14, 26. [For further references before 1980 see: Metcalf 1963 and Duffels & Van der Laan 1985].

Type species:

Tibicen (Nelcynda) tener  Stål 1870 by monotypy.


Small cicadas: body length male: 8.1-11.7 mm, female: 9.0-12.4 mm. Head slightly wider than pronotum collar. Vertex black, or reddish brown with a pair of paramedian, squarish, black markings or a pair of spots next to the paired ocelli. Postclypeus protruding weakly to fairly strongly with glabrous nose. Rostrum reaching beyond posterior margin of middle coxae or to anterior margin of hind coxae or beyond. Pronotum slightly wider than mesonotum. Mesonotum with a pair of paramedian, juxtaposed, black, obconical spots and a pair of black to black-brown lateral sigillae. Fore femora with four spines along lower ridge. Tegmina and wings hyaline, wings with four apical areas. Male operculum sickle-shaped and with adjacent setae, margins and apical third with long setae. Timbal with 6-7 ribs and faint intercalary ribs. Pygofer with about equitriangular dorsal beak with long and narrow apex; basal pygofer lobes very long reaching either to about apex of anal segment; upper pygofer lobes mostly distinctly separated from, but sometimes fused with, basal pygofer lobes. Uncus absent. Claspers juxtaposed and different in shape. Theca either with one strong, chitinized appendage, apically divided in two stems, or a pair of more or less similar appendages. Aedeagal basal plates in ventral view triangular to oval. Ventral rib of aedeagal basal plate rod-like and suspended with attachments only at ends.

Key to the males of Nelcyndana