Carabus (Lipaster) stjernvalli tabackuriensis Novotný & Vořišek, 1988

Fominykh, Dmitriy D., Zamotajlov, Alexandr S., Khomitskiy, Eugeniy E. & Titarenko, Andrey Yu., 2020, Contribution to the knowledge of Carabus (Lipaster) stjernvalli Mannerheim, 1830 in the Caucasus, with description of two new subspecies (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Carabini), Zootaxa 4729 (3), pp. 301-328 : 306-307

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Carabus (Lipaster) stjernvalli tabackuriensis Novotný & Vořišek, 1988


3. Carabus (Lipaster) stjernvalli tabackuriensis Novotný & Vořišek, 1988  

( Figs. 1 View FIGURE 1 , 7–14 View FIGURES 7–15 , 93–94 View FIGURES 92–101 , 116 View FIGURE 116 , 119 View FIGURE 119 )

Material examined. 51♂♂, 37♀♀, Georgia, Kvemo-Kartli, Tsalka distr., 4.5 km SW of Kavta (= Chapaevka ) vill., NE slopes of Buladag Mt. , 1700 m, N 41°32’ / E44°01’, pitfall traps, 20.05.- 04.06.2015 (A. Zubov & R. Khryapin) ( ZISP, MPSU, CFDD, CTAY, CZAM) GoogleMaps   ; 22♂♂, 17♀♀, Georgia, Kvemo-Kartli, Trialeti Mt. Range near Tukhmatash Pass , E slopes of Dalidag Mt. , 2070 m, N 41°32’ / E43°52’, pitfall traps, 06.06.–07.2017 (D. Fominykh) ( ZISP, CFDD, CTAY, CZAM) GoogleMaps   ; 34♂♂, 29♀♀, Georgia, Kvemo Kartli, Trialeti Mt. Range , 2.8 km to N of Chemani vill., 2000 m, N 41°44’35,40” / E 44°12’05,70”, pitfall traps, 07.06.- 10.07.2018 (D. Fominykh) ( ZISP, MPSU, CFDD, CTAY, CZAM) GoogleMaps   ; 3♂♂, 5♀♀, Georgia, Kvemo Kartli, Trialeti Mt. Range N of Khachkhoy vill., 2100 m, N 41°43’12,50” / E 43°58’04,60”, pitfall traps, 08.06.- 10.07.2018 (D. Fominykh) ( CFDD) GoogleMaps   ; 2♂♂, Georgia, Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti, Trialeti Mt. Range , 3 km SW of Tskhratskaro Pass, 2500 m, N 41°40’01,64” / E 43°29’40,47”, 10.06.2018 (D. Fominykh) ( CFDD) GoogleMaps   .

Remarks. Described from two male specimens labelled (according to the original description) “Juž. Gruzia, doroga Tabackuri—Calka, 7 km ot Tabackuri 27.6.1956 V.N. Kurnakov lgt.”. Despite special efforts, we failed to find and study the type series, which was originally deposited in the private collection of J. Vořišek. However Dr. I. Solodovnikov kindly provided us with individuals from his own collection (topotypes), which originate from near the type locality 2. They fully correspond to the above mentioned material, which represents several earlier unknown populations (localities) ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ), so we confidently attribute it to C. stjernvalli tabackuriensis   . Summarizing available distribution data we can conclude that the geographic range of this subspecies covers a rather large territory at the southern slopes of Trialeti Mountain Range at Tsalka upland, ranging to the northern part of Dzhavakheti Mountain Range. The subspecies’ range apparently spreads as well to Tabatskuri Lake in the west and even expands several km westwards, almost reaching the type locality of another subspecies, C. stjernvalli bogatshevi Zamotajlov, 1989   (Mount Chareli), which has been earlier synonymized with the present one (its status is discussed below).


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