Auyantepuia gaillardi Lourenco , 1983

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 43-44

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Auyantepuia gaillardi Lourenco , 1983


Auyantepuia gaillardi Lourenco, 1983 


Lourenço 1983, Fet et al. 2000, Soleglad and Fet 2005, Prendini and Wheeler 2005, Lourenço and Qi 2007, Ythier 2015.


St Jean du Maroni, one male (holotype), one female (allotype) and six females (paratypes), MNHN-RS-3311, R. Benoist coll., XII/1913. St Jean du Maroni, four females (paratypes), MNHN-RS-3307, R. Benoist coll., III-IV/1914. St Jean du Maroni, one male (paratype), MNHN-RS-3326, R. Benoist coll., 18/XII/1913.


Total length 25.2 mm for male holotype and 26.9 mm for female allotype. General coloration reddish yellow. Carapace light reddish with yellowish spots on the posterior and lateral edges of the carapace; ocular tubercle blackish. Tergites yellowish with several confluent darker spots, greyish. Venter pale yellow, the sternite VII darker; pectines and genital operculum yellow ochre. All metasomal segments uniformly reddish, slightly darker than the prosoma. Vesicle of same coloration as metasomal segment V; aculeus dark reddish. Chelicerae uniformly yellowish; tip of fingers reddish. Pedipalps reddish, the femur slightly yellowish. Legs uniformly pale yellow. Carapace with a fine granulation in males, smooth in female; anterior edge very slightly concave, almost straight. Tergites with a fine granulation similar to the one on carapace in males, smooth in females. Number of pectine teeth ranging from seven to eight in male and six to seven in female. Sternites smooth with spiracles rounded in shape. Metasomal segment V with spinoid granulation ventrally; dorsal and latero-dorsal carinae on segments I to V weakly marked; other carinae absent. Vesicle with few scattered granules ventrally, other sides smooth; aculeus short. Pedipalp femur with dorsal internal, dorsal external and ventral internal carinae well-marked; internal side granular; patella and chela with vestigial carinae; chela weakly granular dorsally; dentate margins on movable fingers with six rows of granules separated by bigger granules.