Crematogaster deponens,

Walker, F., 1859, Characters of some apparently undescribed Ceylon insects., Annals and Magazine of Natural History 4, pp. 370-376: 374

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Crematogaster deponens


Crematogaster deponens  HNS  .

Faem. Niger, nitens, punctatus, capite elongato subsulcato, mandibulis piceis latis trigonis, antennis breviusculis rufescentibus subclavatis, thorace fusiformi subcompresso, metathorace bidenticulato, petioli nodis conicis, abdomine rufo fusiformi, pedibus rufis breviusculis, alis fuscescentibus, venis stigmateque nigris.

Female. Black, shining, punctured. Head elongate, with a slight longitudinal furrow; mandibles piceous, short, broad, triangular, with minute teeth. Antennae short, reddish, subclavate. Thorax fusiform, slightly compressed; metathorax with two minute teeth. Peduncle with two conical nodes. Abdomen red, fusiform, longer and broader than the thorax. Legs red, short. Wings brownish; veins and stigma black, the former very strongly marked, extending to the border, in structure somewhat like those of Formica rufa  HNS  and of Crematogaster castaneus  HNS  , but differing slightly from both. Length of the body 31 / 2 lines; of the wings 6 lines.