Adoncholaimus austrogeorgiae Allgen , 1959

Shimada, Daisuke, 2016, Checklist of the subfamily Adoncholaiminae Gerlach and Riemann, 1974 (Nematoda: Oncholaimida: Oncholaimidae) of the world: genera, species, distribution, and reference list for taxonomists and, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 6577-6577: 6577

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Adoncholaimus austrogeorgiae Allgen , 1959


Adoncholaimus austrogeorgiae Allgen, 1959 

Adoncholaimus austrogeorgiae  Invalid: treated as a species inquirenda by Shimada and Kajihara (2014)

Adoncholaimus austrogeorgiae  Etymology: genitive noun, Austrogeorgia  (Latin, "South Georgia") + e (Latin, suffix)


Holotype: unknown

References: see Table 25