Bambusananus Li & Xing

Xing, Ji-Chun & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2016, Key to species of the genus Bambusananus Li & Xing (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae), and with description of a new species from China, Zootaxa 4085 (2), pp. 265-272 : 266

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4085.2.6

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Bambusananus Li & Xing


Bambusananus Li & Xing View in CoL

Bambusananus Li & Xing, 2011: 44 (in Li et al., 2011) View in CoL ; Yang & Chen, 2012: 49. Type species: Bambusananus furcatus Li & Xing, 2011 View in CoL .

Description. Head including eyes as wide as pronotum. Crown much shorter medially than width between eyes, anterior margin roundly produced. Eyes large, ocelli on anterior margin, separated from corresponding eye by approximately their own diameter. Frontoclypeus longer medially than width, clypellus with lateral margins parallel. Antennae arising near lower corner of eye. Pronotum slightly shorter than wide, anterior margin strongly and roundly produced, posterior margin slightly concave. Scutellum triangular, slightly shorter than median length of pronotum, with transverse suture curved and depressed. Forewings with four apical cells and three subapical cells, appendix moderately developed. Hind femur with formula 2+2+1.

Male genitalia. Male pygofer side slightly longer than high, with few stout setae; with ventral process curved ventrad or dorsad, arising from inner side of ventral margin. Valve subtriangular. Subgenital plates, triangular, narrowing to apex, inner margin nearly straight, outer margin slightly concave and with setae along lateral margin. Aedeagus usually slender and long, without dorsal projection at base; aedeagal shaft tubular, with pair of processes apically or subapically, or near base; gonopore at apex. Connective Y-shaped. Style broad at base, abruptly narrowing subapically, apex hooklike.

Remarks. Bambusananus may be distinguished from Bambusana Anufriev by the head including eyes as wide as the pronotum; the male pygofer with ventral processes curved ventrad or dorsad, arising from the inner side of the ventral margin and the aedeagal shaft with a pair of processes.

Distribution. China.












Bambusananus Li & Xing

Xing, Ji-Chun & Li, Zi-Zhong 2016

Bambusananus Li & Xing, 2011 : 44 (in Li et al., 2011 )

Li 2011: 44
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