Leptohyphes murdochi Allen, 1967

Baumgardner, D. E. & Mccafferty, W. P., 2010, Revision of the genus Leptohyphes Eaton (Ephemeroptera: Leptohyphidae) in North and Central America, Zootaxa 2360 (1), pp. 1-33 : 19-20

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.2360.1.1



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Leptohyphes murdochi Allen


Leptohyphes murdochi Allen

Leptohyphes murdocki Allen, 1967:355 .

Leptohyphes murdochi Allen, 1967 ; Edmunds et al., 1976:254 (name emended); Allen, 1978.

Diagnosis: Larvae of L. murdochi are distinguished from all other known Leptohyphes larvae in North and Central America by the presence of numerous, small pale depressions on the femora (see “Discussion” under L. alleni concerning these depressions), which are absent in all other species, except L. alleni . Leptohyphes murdochi larvae can be distinguished from L. alleni larvae due to the presence of a distinct apical concavity on the middle and hind femora, which are absent on L. alleni larvae.

Description: Male Adult: Unknown. Larva: Length. Body, 5.5– 6.5 mm; caudal filaments, 5.0–6.0 mm. General dark brown. Head: brown with black band on frons between compound eyes (Fig. 33); antennae pale brown. Thorax: brown to dark brown with irregular pale brown markings; without anterolateral projections and median tubercles. Legs. Proleg ( Fig. 44 View FIGURES 44–51 ): femur with transverse row of robust setae and numerous, small, shallow circular depressions on dorsal surface; anterior margin with elongate setae along distal half of margin; posterior margin without setae; tibia with a few, scattered filiform setae along distal half of anterior margin; posterior margin without setae; tarsus with row of elongate setae along anterior margin, and without setae on posterior margin. Meso- and metalegs ( Fig. 45 View FIGURES 44–51 ): femora densely covered with numerous, small, shallow circular depressions on dorsal surface; setae absent from dorsal surface; anterior margin with few, scattered filiform setae; posterior margin with regularly spaced elongate setae along most of margin; tibiae with filiform and elongate setae present along much of anterior margin; posterior margin with elongate setae along most of margin; tarsus with few, scattered filiform setae along anterior and posterior margins. Claws of all legs with three to four marginal denticles ( Fig. 46 View FIGURES 44–51 ); submarginal denticle absent. Abdomen: terga dark brown; sublateral margins of tergites seven and eight without setae; operculate gill brown, with pale margins; gill formula 2/5/5/ 5/2.

Distribution: This species was described from Darién Province in eastern Panama ( Allen, 1967), and later documented in Costa Rica ( Lugo-Ortiz and McCafferty, 1995). Additional records of this species in Costa Rica are given below.

Discussion: This species was described based upon a single larva ( Allen, 1967), with no associated paratype specimens. All legs and the head have been removed from the holotype, and it is unknown where these slides are located. Since the most distinctive features of this species are the concave shape of the leading edge of the meso- and metalegs, and the presence of small, pale depressions on the dorsal surface of the femora, there may be some doubt that this specimen is indeed the original holotype. However, features such as size and coloration of the larvae, collection records of additional specimens from near the type locality, and the fact that no other species of Leptohyphes have been described from the type locality of L. murdochi , it does appear reasonably safe to assume this specimen is indeed the holotype of L. murdochi .

Type material examined: Leptohyphes murdocki Allen , HOLOTYPE: female larva: PANAMA: Darién: Río Tocarcuna (elev. 1,900 m), 30.v.1963, W.P. Murdoch [ FSCA ( FAMU) E2019.1 T].

Other material examined: COSTA RICA: Alajuela: N of Bijagua, Río Zapote (N10°44’45”; W85°05’29”), 6.vi.2000, WDS GoogleMaps , 1L [ TAMU]. Guanacaste: P.N. Guanacaste, Río San Josecito,. 5 km S. of Est. Cacao, Volcan Cacao (elev. 700 m), 22.iii.1990, RW Flowers , 3L [ TAMU]; 4 Km W. Arenal, unnamed spring run, 17.i.2000, WDS , 3L [ TAMU].


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics


Texas A&M University














Leptohyphes murdochi Allen

Baumgardner, D. E. & Mccafferty, W. P. 2010

Leptohyphes murdocki

Allen, R. K. 1967: 355