Hengconarius pseudobrunneus (Wang, 2003)

Li, Bing, Zhao, Zhe, Zhang, Chuntian & Li, Shuqiang, 2018, Nuconarius gen. n. and Hengconarius gen. n., two new genera of Coelotinae (Araneae, Agelenidae) spiders from Southwest China, Zootaxa 4457 (2), pp. 237-263: 258-259

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Hengconarius pseudobrunneus (Wang, 2003)

comb. n.

Hengconarius pseudobrunneus (Wang, 2003)  comb. n.

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Draconarius pseudobrunneus  WaNG 2003: 544, fIGS 52A–B; WaNG et al. 2010: 85, fIGS 361–406, 548; Zhu et al. 2017: 350, fIGS 218A–D.

Types. Holotype: ♀ ( HNNUAbout HNNU), DANZHU He DRAINAGe, (27.631000°N, 98.621000°E, eLeV. 2700 M), 13.5 AIR KM SSW OF GONGSHAN, GONGSHAN CO., NUjIANG, Yunnan, China, 30 JUNe 2000 – 5 JULY 2000, D. KAVANAUGH, C.E. GRISWOLD, H.B. LIANG, D. UBICK, H M. YAN, D.Z. DONG LeGGoogleMaps  . Paratypes: 3♀♀ ( HNNUAbout HNNU AND CASAbout CAS), SAMe DATA AS HOLOTYPe. Other records: 21♀♀ 36♂♂ ( HNNUAbout HNNU AND CASAbout CAS)  , GAOLIGONG SHAN, Yunnan, China. 

Material examined. 1♀ ( IZCAS-AR 33983), 6 KM E OF PIANMA TOWNSHIP (26.002433°N, 98.659067°E, eLeV. 2422 M), LUSHUI COUNTY, NUjIANG OF THe LISUAbout LISU AUTONOMOUS PReFeCTURe, Yunnan, China, 7 DeCeMBeR 2013, Y. LI & J. Liu leg.; 1♀ (IZCAS-Ar33984), Luoshuidong (24.96838°N, 98.81840°E, elev. 1881 m), Jiangdong Village, GUDONG TOWNSHIP, TeNGCHONG COUNTY, BAOSHAN CITY, Yunnan, China, 26 NOVeMBeR 2013, Y. LI & J. LIU LeG.

Diagnosis. H. pseudobrunneus  IS SIMILAR TO H. incertus  AND H. latusincertus  IN ePIGYNe SHAPe BUTAbout BUT CAN Be DISTINGUISHeD FROM H. incertus  BY THe MeDIALLY SITUATeD SPeRMATHeCAL HeADS, AND FROM H. latusincertus  BY THe NARROW ATRIUM, CLeAR COPULATORY DUCT AND NARROW SPeRMATHeCAe ( FIGS 19A–B View Figure ).

Description. See WANG (2003). PHOTOS OF BOTH HABITUS AND ePIGYNe ARe PROVIDeD IN THIS STUDY ( FIG. 19 View Figure ).

Variation: TOTAL LeNGTH VARIeS FROM 6.28 TO 11.23.

Distribution. YUNNAN, CHINA ( FIG. 20 View Figure ).


Hunan Normal University


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Museu Nacional de Hist�ria Natural


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