Neivamyrmex harrisii (Haldemann),

Snelling, G. C. & Snelling, R. R., 2007, New synonymy, new species, new keys to Neivamyrmex army ants of the United States., Advances in ant systematics (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Homage to E. O. Wilson - 50 years of contributions. (Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 80), pp. 459-550: 473

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Neivamyrmex harrisii (Haldemann)


Neivamyrmex harrisii (Haldemann)  HNS 

Figures 6, 20, 36, 66, 79

Labidus harrisii Haldemann  HNS  , 1852: 367 (m). USA: Texas, Fort Gates (no types known to exist).

Eciton (Labidus) harrisi  HNS  : Mayr, 1886 c: 441.

Eciton harrisi  HNS  : Forel, 1899: 28 (m).

Eciton (Acamatus) harrisi  HNS  : Emery, 1900: 515; fig. 18.

Eciton wheeleri Emery  HNS  , 1901: 55, fig. 8 (w). USA: Texas, Hays Co. ( MCSN)  .

Eciton (Acamatus) wheeleri  HNS  : Wheeleri, 1908: 412.

Eciton (Acamatus) wheeleri subsp. dubia Creighton  HNS  , 1932: 75 - 77 (w, q). U. S. A., Texas , 5 mi W Ft. Worth ( AMNH?)  .

Eciton (Neivamyrmex) wheeleri  HNS  : M. R. Smith, 1942: 561. Creighton, 1950: 76.

Eciton (Neivamyrmex) harrisii  HNS  : M. R. Smith, 1942: 572. Creighton, 1950: 72.

Neivamyrmex wheeleri  HNS  : Borgmeier, 1953: 6. 1955: 511 - 514; (q, w).

Neivamyrmex harrisi  HNS  : Borgmeier, 1955: 522 - 524. Watkins, 1968: 275.


UNITED STATES: Oklahoma and Texas, west to Arizona; MEXICO: border states south at least to Colima in the east and Nayarit in the west.


We have studied 141 samples of this common species from the United States and Mexico.


M. R. Smith (1942) opined that N. wheeleri  HNS  represented the female castes of N. harrisii  HNS  . This suspected synonymy was confirmed by Watkins (1968).

Males of this common species are regularly collected at lights. They are superficially similar to those of N. andrei  HNS  but the mandibular shape and the large ocelli will serve to separate them from that species.


Italy, Genova, Museo Civico di Storia Naturale


Italy, Genova, Museo Civico di Storia Naturale


USA, New York, New York, American Museum of Natural History


USA, New York, New York, American Museum of Natural History