Rosulabryum torquescens (Bruch ex De Not.) J.R. Spence

Spence, John R., 2021, Studies in Austral Bryaceae (Bryopsida). III. A Preliminary Account with Keys to Rosulabryum J. R. Spence in Chile, PhytoKeys 185, pp. 87-98 : 87

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Rosulabryum torquescens (Bruch ex De Not.) J.R. Spence


12. Rosulabryum torquescens (Bruch ex De Not.) J.R. Spence


A widespread warm temperate to subtropical species in the northern hemisphere, Africa, Australasia and South America ( Spence and Ramsay 2019). Although there are few collections from Chile, the species is likely to be common in the Mediterranean-climate regions of the country as far south as Los Lagos. It is found on soil, soil over rock and occasionally wood, including burnt wood, generally in exposed areas, often along road cuts. It is characterized by synoicous or rarely autoicous sexual condition, rosulate stems, medium-sized leaves that are irregularly contorted when dry, a costa excurrent in a medium to long awn, strong limbidium, serrate distal leaf margins, and scarlet, bright red to orange rhizoidal tubers (Illustrations: Syed 1973, 308 as Bryum torquescens ; Spence and Ramsay 2006: 347, as R. torquescens ; Hallingbäck et al. 2008: 350, as B. torquescens ; Lüth 2019: 939 as Ptychostomum torquescens ; Holyoak 2021: 257, as P. torquescens ).

Representative specimens examined.

Los Lagos Region , Chiloé, communa de Ancud, Estacion Biologica Senda Darwin , Al fondo de al "ciudad de los Muertos", Sobre tronco caido ed bosque Quemado, 41°52'S 73°39'W, 300 m, J. Larraín 23424, 2 Feb. 2003 (CONC): Region VIII, Prov. Concepcion, Park "Jorge Alessandri" (Compania Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones), on soil in clearing, 36°56'S 73°09'W, ca. 200-490 m, R.R. Ireland & G. Bellolio 32819, 19 Oct. 2001 (MO) GoogleMaps .