Nannocoris tuberculiferus Reuter, 1891

Weirauch, Christiane, Hoey-Chamberlain, Rochelle & Knyshov, Alexander, 2018, Synopsis of Schizopteridae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Dipsocoromorpha) from the United States, with description of seven new species from the US and Mexico, ZooKeys 796, pp. 49-82: 49

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Nannocoris tuberculiferus Reuter, 1891


Nannocoris tuberculiferus Reuter, 1891 


Nomenclature. Reuter (1891) described the subgenus Schizoptera (Nannocoris)  to accommodate two new species with distinctly elongated heads, Schizoptera (Nannocoris) nebulifera  Reuter, 1891 and Schizoptera (Nannocoris) tuberculifera  Reuter, 1891. Whereas Schizoptera  is feminine, Nannocoris  is masculine, because “coris” is Greek for “bug” and a noun with masculine gender. When McAtee and Malloch (1925) elevated Nannocoris  to genus level, they failed to adjust the gender of previously described species from feminine to masculine and also treated their newly described species as feminine. Nevertheless, subsequent authors continued to treat Nannocoris  as feminine. Nannocoris arenaria  Blatchley, 1926 was corrected to Nannocoris arenarius  Blatchley, 1926 by Henry (1988) without comment. We here adjust the genders to masculine for all remaining names that were originally treated as feminine and are not patronyms: N. nebuliferus  Reuter, 1891; N. tuberculiferus  Reuter, 1891; N. capitatus  (Uhler, 1894); N. nasus  McAtee & Malloch, 1925; N. flavomarginatus  McAtee & Malloch, 1925.

Phylogeny and classification.

A recent molecular phylogenetic analysis of Nannocoris  ( Frankenberg et al. 2018) included one North American specimen (UCR_ENT 00094252), a female from Texas that we have assigned to the new species N. brevipilus  below. This taxon was recovered as part of the pricei species group that is diagnosed by the opening of the male-specific vertex gland being located in a posterior position, i.e. posteriorly on the vertex or on the pronotal collar. The opening is more anterior on the head in males of all other Nannocoris  species we have examined (data not shown; see Figure 1 in Frankenberg et al. [2018] for selected species) and it is absent in some species. Males of N. arenarius  and the second newly described species, N. anophorus  , share the pronotal position of the opening of the vertex gland. We therefore tentatively assign all three Nearctic species to the pricei species group.