Neodendryphiella Iturrieta-Gonzalez , Dania Garcia & Gene

Iturrieta-Gonzalez, Isabel, Gene, Josepa, Guarro, Josep, Castaneda-Ruiz, Rafael F. & Garcia, Dania, 2018, Neodendryphiella, a novel genus of the Dictyosporiaceae (Pleosporales), MycoKeys 37, pp. 19-38: 19

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Neodendryphiella Iturrieta-Gonzalez , Dania Garcia & Gene

gen. nov.

Neodendryphiella Iturrieta-Gonzalez, Dania Garcia & Gene  gen. nov.


The name refers to the morphological similarity with Dendryphiella  .

Type species.

Neodendryphiella tarraconensis  Iturrieta-González, Gené & Dania García.


Conidiophores semi-macronematous to macronematous, mononematous, erect or slightly flexuous, unbranched or branched towards the apical region, septate, subhyaline to brown, smooth to verrucose, cylindrical, some slightly swollen in the conidiogenous loci. Conidiogenous integrated, terminal or intercalary, polytretic, cylindrical or clavate, forming conidia in acropetal branched chains. Ramoconidia aseptate or septate, pale brown, smooth to verruculose, mostly cylindrical or subcylindrical, rounded apex and truncate base, with several pores and conidial scars often thickened and darkened. Conidia blastocatenate, aseptate or septate, pale brown, verruculose to verrucose, ellipsoidal, doliiform, clavate or subcylindrical, with scars thickened and darkened. Sexual morph not observed.


Italy, Mexico and Spain.