Persephona mediterranea (Herbst, 1794)

Hirose, Gustavo L., Gregati, Rafael A., Fransozo, Adilson & Negreiros-Fransozo, Maria L., 2012, Morphological and morphometric comparisons of the first zoea of four species of purse crabs (Decapoda: Brachyura: Leucosiidae) from the Brazilian South Atlantic, Zootaxa 3167, pp. 17-31 : 19

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Persephona mediterranea (Herbst, 1794)


Persephona mediterranea (Herbst, 1794) View in CoL

First zoea. Carapace ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 A): Globose, small plumose setae present near base of dorsal spine. Dorsal, rostral and pair of lateral spines present. Eyes sessile.

Antennule ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 A): Uniramous, unsegmented, conical, 3 aesthetascs + 1 simple seta terminally.

Antenna ( Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 A): Present as small bud, about one-third as large as antennule.

Maxillule ( Figure 6 View FIGURE 6 A): Coxal endite, 5 plumose setae. Basial endite, 3 plumose setae + 1 plumodenticulate seta and 1 simple seta may also be present. Endopod unsegmented, 4 simple setae terminally.

Maxilla ( Figure 7 View FIGURE 7 A): Coxal endite bilobed, 2+3 plumose setae and microtrichia. Basial endite bilobed, 8 plumose setae (4+4) and microtrichia. Endopod, 4 plumose setae (2+2) and microtrichia. Scaphognathite, 4 marginal plumose setae, posterior part with strong apical process bearing many microtrichia.

First maxilliped ( Fig. 8 View FIGURE 8 A): Coxa, without setae. Basis, 8 medial plumose setae (2+2+2+2) on the ventral side. Endopodite 5-segmented, 2+2+0+2+ 5 (one subterminal and four terminal) setae. Exopod 2-segmented, 4 long plumose natatory setae terminally.

Second maxilliped ( Figure 9 View FIGURE 9 A): Coxa without setae. Basis, 4 medial setae (1+1+1+1) on inner side. Endopod unsegmented, 3 setae. Exopod 2-segmented, 4 long plumose natatory setae terminally.

Abdomen ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3 A): 5-segmented, pair of lateral knobs on posterior margin of second abdominal segment, and second pair in middle portion of third segment. Telson wider than long, convex lateral margins with small terminal spine. Posterior margin slightly concave, 3 pairs of plumose setae in central region.













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