Neoaulonastus bisetatus (Fritsch, 1958)

Skoracki, Maciej, Hromada, Martin & Wamiti, Wanyoike, 2011, A new species and new host records of syringophilid mites (Acari: Syringophilidae) from passerines from Kenya, Zootaxa 2922, pp. 34-40: 39

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.200715

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Neoaulonastus bisetatus (Fritsch, 1958)


Neoaulonastus bisetatus (Fritsch, 1958) 

This species was known only from Palaearctic region. N. bisetatus  was recorded on several hosts of the genera Acrocephalus  and Sylvia  ( Sylviidae  ): Acrocephalus arundinaceus (Linnaeus)  , A. dumetorum Blyth  , A. paludicola (Vieillot)  , A. scirpaceus (Hermann)  , Sylvia atricapilla (Linnaeus)  , S. communis Latham  and S. curruca (Linnaeus) ( Skoracki 2011)  .

Material examined: From quill of secondary feather of Acrocephalus palustris (Bechstein)  ( Passeriformes  : Sylviidae  ) (new host): 7 females, 4 males, 1 tritonympha, 1 protonympha, 1 larva (AMU –SYR. 291), KENYA: Tsavo West National Park, Komboyo Campsite, 2 0 45 ’ 18.30 ”S, 38 0 06’ 55.25 ”E, 854 m a.s.l., 9 December 2010, coll. M. Hromada and W. Wamiti. All material is deposited in the AMU, except 2 females in the ZISP, 2 females in the NMK and 1 female in the MRAC.


Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences


National Museums of Kenya


Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale