Orthoyoldia panamensis (Dall, 1908)

Suarez-Mozo, Nancy Yolimar, Gracia, Adriana & Valentich-Scott, Paul, 2018, A new species of Malletia (Bivalvia, Malletiidae) and new records of deep-water bivalves from Pacific Southern Colombia, ZooKeys 762, pp. 13-31: 13

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Orthoyoldia panamensis (Dall, 1908)


Orthoyoldia panamensis (Dall, 1908) 

Examined material.

10 valves EA344 (2.3905°N, 78.8288°W) at 656 m (INV MOL9812), 6 live specimens EA344 at 656 m (INV MOL9813), 5 valves EA337 (1.7811°N, 79.035139° W) at 530 m (INV MOL9814), 4 valves EA337 at 530 m (INV MOL9815), 4 live specimens EA332 (1.6677°N, 79.1826°W) at 730 m (INV MOL9816), 2 live specimens EA345 (2.5557°N, 79.0476°W) at 668 m (INV MOL9817).

New location.

Off Nariño, Colombian Pacific.


Mexico to Peru ( Coan and Valentich-Scott 2012), Choco-Colombia ( Gracia and Valentich-Scott 2014).


Orthoyoldia panamensis  has previously been collected in depths from 120 to 475 m in Colombia ( Gracia and Valentich-Scott 2014). This study extends the bathymetric range to 730 m in the Colombian Pacific.