Glyptothorax telchitta (Hamilton 1822)

Alfred W. Thomson & Lawrence M. Page, 2006, Genera of the Asian Catfish Families Sisoridae and Erethistidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes)., Zootaxa 1345, pp. 1-96 : 56

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Glyptothorax telchitta (Hamilton 1822)


Glyptothorax telchitta (Hamilton 1822)

Pimelodus telchitta Hamilton 1822   ZBK : 185, 378. Type locality: Hooghly River at Kalna , 23°13’30.0”N, 88°22’39.0”E. Neotype: UMMZ 244946 . GoogleMaps Neotype designated by Ng (2005).

Distribution: Ganges drainage, India (Ng, 2005a).

Remarks: Has been reported from the Brahmaputra drainage in India (Mamnur Rashid et al., 1997) and also from the Ganges drainage in Bangladesh and Nepal (Lipton, 1985; Datta Munshi & Srivastava, 1988 (in part); Talwar & Jhingran, 1991 (in part); Sen, 1995 (in part); Jayaram, 1999 (in part); Menon, 1999 (in part)). It is uncertain whether these reports are based on G. telchitta or G. botius . Ng (2005a) only examined specimens from the Hooghly River, India. All reports of this species from the Indus drainage are referable to G. sufii   ZBK .